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2 December 1972: When the first train of Independent India arrived in Jammu
Posted 02 Dec 2019 11:14 AM

Image Source: NDTV


Jammu Railway has completed the journey from Srinagar express to the fastest Vandebharat express in the country. On December 2, 1972, the first train arrived in Jammu today 47 years ago. The Srinagar express that ran from New Delhi on December 1, currently (Jhelum Express) reached Jammu railway station on December 2.

This was the first time in independent India when a train arrived in Jammu carrying passengers. In this, the ministers of the central and government were riding on this and witnessing this historic moment. Earlier, passenger trains used to reach Pathankot only.

Rajendra Sharma, who retired as a supervisor in the mechanical department at Jammu railway station from 1974 to 20 years, says that goods trains used to come before the passenger train in Jammu. December 2, 1972, the first passenger train reached Jammu. At that time there used to be only 1 platform in Jammu, that too was crude. He told that about one thousand railway workers used to work. His duty was in Pathankot before the train arrived in Jammu. Earlier, individuals used to come home by road, however when getting the train, they found a convenient alternative to come.

At that time there was a washing line at Jammu railway station, in which the train was washed and technical checks were done. Ramlila Club was also used here due to limited railway quarter facilities. After the first train was run, 3 different trains were started in which the Kashmir train is currently running Jammu Mail, Sealdah express and Jammu-Pathankot DMU. After this, the railway started operating the Rajdhani train from Jammu in view of the increasing number of passengers.

Before 1972, devotees coming to Mata Vaishno Devi Katra had to descend to Pathankot. At the same time, passengers going from Jammu to Haridwar used to catch trains from Pathankot. after reaching Jammu, the journey of individuals has become smooth. Jammu railway station may be a big railway station according to spiritual tourism. After the first train started, direct train service to Jammu was started from different states of the country.

For the first time in the year 1969, there was a grassroots initiative to take the railway line to Jammu. The work of laying the line to Kathua-Jammu began in 1969, which was completed in 3 years' time. At the same time, during the Pakistan-India war, the work of this rail project did not stop.

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