Prohibition on removing sand, gravel, and stones from rivers -
Prohibition on removing sand, gravel, and stones from rivers
Posted Monday 11:17 AM

Image Source: Six Degrees


The District Mining Department has prohibited the operation of stone crushers on the rivers for removing sand, gravel, and pebbles from the rivers. Recently the Mining Department has issued an order in this regard. For this, the department is checking the mining material by putting blocks in place.

Significantly, because of the mining done by the rivers, the river's own ecosystem has started messing up. it's reached minacious levels in many rivers. Because of this, water issues also arise in close villages.

The certificate for mining should be taken, however large scale illegal mining is done from the rivers, that is currently geared up to prevent it completely. District Mining Officer Vishal said that at this time mining in the district has been completely stopped. To prevent this, blocks are erected at various places, so if any material is found on a vehicle, it can be sewed. Samba residents Avinash Kumar, Surjeet Sharma, etc. said that it was not easy to get sand, gravel, pebbles in the area because of the closure of mining from rivers. individuals face trouble because of this. He said that a solution should be found as soon as possible so the development work that's stalled can go on.

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