Cyber Monday – December 2, 2019 -
Cyber Monday – December 2, 2019
Posted 02 Dec 2019 03:50 PM



What is Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is celebrated the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. Established in 2005, Cyber Monday is the Internet’s answer to brick-and-mortar holiday shopping. Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday gives you the chance to shop those amazing Black Friday deals from the comfort of your couch or office.

History of Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday was invented in 2005 by Ellen Davis, the president of the National Retail Foundation. Data had shown that the Monday after Thanksgiving was experiencing higher than usual traffic for retail shopping while individuals were at work. Analysts were led to believe that’s because individuals had spent the weekend window shopping among the madness of Black Friday and, rather than use the typically slower residential internet speeds, waited until Monday when they were bored at work to buy what they liked over the weekend.

Thus, Cyber Monday was created as a way for brands to leverage two things: Workplace boredom and the convenience of shopping online versus in store during the Wild West of Black Friday.

Since then, Cyber Monday has steadily grown as one of the major shopping days of the year. With the likes of Amazon and increasingly affordable high-speed internet, shopping online has become more woven into the fabrics of American lives. Nearly everything can be bought and sold with about one click or two.

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