Posted 05 Aug 2017 03:23 PM

The festivals of trees popularly known as Van Mahotsav was initiated by Dr.K.M Munshi in 1950 to inculcate passion and make people aware of the forest conservation and plantation of trees. People all across the world take part in this activity and readily plant millions of saplings on this occasion. As the environmental conditions are getting worse day after day we need to invest more in the plantation of trees, saplings etc.
People should plant trees in order to safeguard the world from Global warming and reduce the effect of pollution. People should plant indigenous native trees as they adapt the local climate easily and have a high survival rate. Trees even help in preserving the biodiversity including our local birds, animals, and insects.
At the time of Van Mahotsav free plantation, state forest department sends free sapling to NGOs, schools, colleges, welfare societies and academic institutions. With this green festival, our country is gaining recognition every year and we are getting closer to our goal of achieving 33% forest cover.
Forest cover is decreasing every day and 4 billion trees are chopped off every year to build flyovers, roads, railway tracks, pavements and hoardings, which in turn is creating an ecological imbalance. The more the trees are cut done, the more there will be a rise in pollution which will yield heavy and ill-timed rainfall. There are uncountable natural calamities occurring every year due to this regime of urbanization which is fulfilled at the sake of cutting down age old trees. India is being shaken by plenty of floods, heat waves, droughts, cyclones and natural disasters which occur due to shedding the plants and trees. A recent disaster was that of a hazardous flood that occurred in Kashmir valley which took lives of many and gave monetary and natural asset losses to plenty of people.

It’s high time that people should understand the importance of greenery around them and start investing in plantation not only on Van Mahotsav but on a regular basis. So that we can make earth a better place to live in and show our coming generation how alluring the world is.

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