BJP-PDP Govt Proved as Non Performing liability on people of J&K --Youth Congress -
BJP-PDP Govt Proved as Non Performing liability on people of J&K --Youth Congress
Posted 22 Sep 2017 03:49 PM

A One Day Convention of Assembly Youth Congress was held here today at Bathindi (Gandhinagar ) Jammu under the Chairmanship of State President PYC Mr. Pranav Shagotra. The convention was organized by Mohd. Rafi.

Shri Raman Bhalla (former Minister) Vice President JKPCC was the chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Raman Bhalla said that PDP-BJP Government in the state has failed to fulfill a single commitment so far and there is zero delivery on the ground, during more than two and half year of its rule. The Govt. has no road map for the equitable and harmonious development of the state. He regretted that all the developmental works are on standstill and the problems of the people are increasing day by day, on account of ration, power, water, road connectivity and healthcare. The people gave them massive mandate in Jammu on their tall claims to champion the cause of Jammu region but the BJP and its leadership in the State has failed miserably to serve the interests of Jammu people. Instead of serving the people the BJP is dividing the people by raising emotional and sensitive issues most tactically.

Mr. Bhalla further said that, borders are disturbed since the BJP came to power, the border area people are facing great hardships, the farmers are not getting compensation for their crops loss and the prices of essential commodities have been increased un-proportionally, the unemployment is increasing and the present Centre and State governments are sleeping over all these issues. He said that the countdown of BJP in the Country has started. People have understood its real face. It has no programme and policy for the welfare of people except to divide the people on communal line. The whole Country is facing the problem of communal division. Prime Minister Mr. Narinder Modi is mum over this issue but its Cabinet ministers and sister organizations are implementing their agenda of dividing the people on communal lines, which is suicidal for the Country like India where people of different religions and regions live together.

Mr. Pranav Shagotra while speaking said that Prime Minister Narinder Modi has been exploiting the youth of the Country on different issues to divert their attention from the growing unemployment. But one cannot befool the people all the times. He said that Mr. Modi had promised to youths of providing two crores jobs every year, which has been proved false. On other fronts like its economic policy, foreign policy, external and internal security the government has failed miserable and on the whole the time has come to turn the tables of such government which cannot watch the interests of youths, the real strength of nation.

PYC president explained in detail the programme and policies of the Youth Congress. He said that youth congress would be further strengthened by forming its committees down to booth level and in this way more and more youth will be involved in the party cadre. He appealed to the youth of the state to come forward and strengthen the hands of AICC Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi who is the real replacement of Mr. Narinder Modi.

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