Film actors’ participation in annual drama contest irks theatre artistes -
Film actors’ participation in annual drama contest irks theatre artistes
Posted 06 Nov 2017 03:45 PM

The participation by film and Doordarshan actors as well as producers in the upcoming annual drama competition has not gone down well with the theatre artistes of the state.
The film producers and directors of the state as well as the artistes associated with films had recently received a huge setback after Prasar Bharati’s commissioned programme for the state did not mature, leaving the issue to go sub judice.
In this context, film and Doordarshan actors as well as producers have lined up to submit proposals for the annual drama competition, which otherwise remains the domain of stage artistes and directors only.
“The drama competition is the only annual event that includes finances. Only genuine theatre groups should be considered as just 10 to 12 of these get the final nod for participation. If even that is hijacked by film producers, the ethicality of theatre is finished,” said Umesh Singh, director, Rangshala Theatre Group of Societies.
The film actors and producers, on the other side, are of the view that since they too are an artiste first, so it should not matter whether they go for stage or cinema.
Kusum Tickoo, a renowned film and TV serial producer and stage actress, denied the allegations, saying that stage was like mother for all actors.
“Despite being a film actor, Naseerudin Shah makes it a point to do theatre once a year because his roots are in stage only,” said Kusum, who is also acting in the upcoming theatre event.
Meanwhile, J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL) official, requesting anonymity, said priority should be given to genuine theatre artistes only, but there were no specific guidelines to separate film actors from theatre artistes.
“We are bound to follow the rules. We cannot stop any film producer, director or artiste from taking part in the competition if they tie up with a genuine NGO and register for the competition,” the official added.
The screening process of scripts by the academy is under process and the drama competition is likely to start in mid-December.

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