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Hypertension a major health hazard: Dr Sushil
Posted 21 May 2019 01:13 PM

Emphasizing upon the commonly prevalent but often overlooked problem of hypertension as a major health hazard among the people, Dr Sushil Sharma, Head of Cardiology, SSH and GMC Jammu as a part of international campaign as May Measuring Month, conducted a day-long camp at Gorkha Mandir, Shivaji Chowk, Nanak Nagar to highlight various complications associated with this ‘Silent Killer’.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Sushil Sharma said that the alarmist of the problem can be gauged from the fact that many patients are totally unaware of its presence until a complication occurs. This lack of symptoms makes it easier for the patients to be non-compliant with therapy until it is too late, he added.
More than 300 people were screened, evaluated, diagnosed and free medicines were given as per requirements.
While interacting with people, Dr Sushil stated that elevated blood pressure is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease, heart failure, cerebro vascular disease, renal failure and atrial fibrillation and it is noted that around 3 out of 10 people are suffering from hypertension worldwide.
“Approximately 1.8 billion of the people globally are suffering from hypertension and the most surprise thing is 50 per cent of them are totally unaware of their condition that’s why also known as silent killer and some of them who are aware of their condition do not take any medical action for their blood pressure and estimated 10 per cent of the health care spending is directly related to increased blood pressure and its complications. The interface of this problem with other organs of the body is also a matter of concern and called for different preventive and interventional strategies to regulate its prevalence. Such complexity calls for a reliable, safe, economical and equitable healthcare,” he added.
Dr Sushil highlighted the need to shun sedentary life style and discourage dependence on saturated fat and high salt diet.
“Most importantly, maintaining a healthy body weight and monitoring blood pressure regularly is an economic, viable and easy strategy to delay the onset of this problem among the vulnerable population.
Moreover, a close collaboration between the physician and patient is needed to optimize better outcomes in case of people who are already in the loop of this problem,” he said.
Kavinder Gupta, ex-Deputy Chief Minister was present on the occasion and interacted with people.
Residents of the area Ram Langer, President Gorkha Mandir, Advocate P S Chandel, Ashok Sambyal, Ankush Gupta, Tilak Raj, Nayan Gupta, Surinder Goel, Rajesh Sharma, Sanjay Gupta, Daljit Singh and Vinay Gupta appreciated the efforts of Dr Sushil and his team in extending quality healthcare service and expressed hope that such programme will be a regular feature in their area in near future.
Others who were part of the move included Dr Dhaneshwar Kapoor, Dr Prabhat Singh and Dr kewal Sharma. Paramedics and volunteers who were part of the team included Rohit Chalotra, Raghav Rajput, Kamal Sharma, Rohit Khajuria, Gourav Heera, Gourav Sharma, Rajinder Singh, Manav Khurana, Aman Gupta, Amandeep Singh, Vikas Sabharwal, Maninder Singh, Suresh Raina, Vijay Sharma, Kamal Kishore, Rajeev Vohra and Rajkumar.

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