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Jammu Red Cross Home for Handicapped.
Posted 21 Jan 2017 05:30 PM

Even dark cloud comes with a silver lining. In a similar way, many young boys and girls with any kind of disability or handicap are left in destitute state by their families and friend. They are more often than not considered to be a burden owing to their restraints and are looked upon with a sense of pity and charity. Thus, in order to abolish this feelings of shame and stigma associated with being a handicap, the Jammu Red Cross Home for Handicapped, a Non-Government Organization (NGO) was set up as a Home for the Handicapped, with its base in Jammu & Kashmir, India. The NGO is involved in rendering Rehabilitation Programmes and also in acquiring Sponsorship For Handicapped Children.
The need for establishing an abode for the Handicapped in Jammu was direly felt for the last few decades. Acting upon this requirement, Late Madam Mekhla Jha, Patron-in-Chief of the Society, Govt. Of India, the Department of Social Welfare New Delhi was approached through State Govt. in March 1975 along with application for grant-in-aid. A plot of land was soon donated by Maj. Gen. U.C.Dubey and a donation of Rs. 50,000/- was collected from the well-known citizens of Jammu. Finally, Jammu Red Cross Home for Handicapped came into being with the primary aim of imparting education and rehabilitation to the physically handicapped children belonging to weaker sections of society.
Contact Person: Mr. Joginder Chhatrapal
Address: P.O. Udheywala, Jammu.
Phone :+91-191-2554734

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