Apple's Work With Bosch Hints At Pursuit Of Autonomous Technology -
Apple's Work With Bosch Hints At Pursuit Of Autonomous Technology
Posted 04 Apr 2017 01:43 PM


While Apple may not be working on its own driverless car, the tech giant has seemingly not given up the pursuit of autonomous tech yet. According to Automotive News, in February the company published a list of suppliers it is working with which includes Bosch. While Apple is yet to provide any clarity about this, a Bosch spokesman confirmed that the company was working with Apple as a supplier but refused to speak about the specifics. The Detroit-based publication adds that Bosch's office in Reutlingen, Germany, which finds mention in Apple's list, houses the automotive electronics division and also deals with sensors for consumer electronics devices.

Apple's endeavours to foray into the industry aren't new - it is already involved in the automotive industry across the world by the means of the CarPlay system. Additionally, reports of the company working on its own car were strong till the news of the deadline being pushed back to 2021 from 2019 came in. Apple then reportedly removed multiple people from the project in September and that number grew to hundreds in October.

Instead of making their own self-driving car, the company had purportedly decided to focus on developing sensors and software that enable autonomous driving. Furthermore, reports claim that the remaining team had been asked to demonstrate that their self-driving innovations could work by late 2017.

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