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‘Anti-nationalists’ welcome in Sunjwan, nationalists unwelcome at Ban
Posted 16 May 2018 10:51 AM

Indian Army and nationalistic forces of Jammu have been in news some time now for wrong reasons. The bone of contention is construction of a house in Ban village, 600 yards away from the Army Ammunition Depot by an ex-minister, a nationalist in his own right. The Army sees the construction as threat to national security notwithstanding 60 houses already existing in the village, some of these within close range to the boundary wall.
Can an ex-minister of a nationalistic party be a security threat to the Army? The question is bewildering the patriotic forces, who are witnessing with dejection and dismay colonies coming up in ‘very close periphery’ of the Sunjwan Army Station, which came under heavy terror attack on February 10, this year, killing five Army personnel and a civilian.
The Sunjwan Military Station attack raised apprehensions in patriotic Jammu that had been ringing alarm bells about the settlement of ‘unwanted elements’ across Jammu. Days after the attack, media persons spotted mobile numbers of private colonizers and real estate developers intriguingly painted on the boundary walls of the Army Station in upcoming posh Sunjwan area, luring clients to have plots.
The mobile numbers were not that of just one real estate developer, who is selling plots in the area. A large number of offices of real estate developers have come up in recent years, selling out the plots without following any stated norms. In most of areas, the State land or the forest land has been encroached and later sold off to people who wanted to construct second home in Jammu and were originally residents of different parts of the State. Interestingly, soon after striking a land deal, the plot holder needed not to worry about any other permission. The State government agencies have apparently given free hand to all and sundry to encroach upon State and forest land to construct palatial houses without valid permission-that too under the nose of the Army. . Who knows the credentials of the residents, some of which may be anti-national elements as well. Let it not be forgotten that the Army had lodged an FIR with Trikuta Nagar Police Station about stone-pelting on the camp from the ‘peripheries’ on 25th February this year, day after the terror attack, as a result of which the police had carried out ‘thorough checks and search in the area from where the stone pelting was reported. Some suspects had even been identified and put under the surveillance of the police teams.
The question arises why the Army has failed in raising objections over construction of houses hardly a few meters away from the boundary wall of their station?
The Army has never reacted, not after the fidayeen strike on Sunjwan Military Station even, over large number of illegal colonies, sprung up in the close vicinity. The State government is providing black-topped roads, water connections and uninterrupted power supply to ensure cozy comforts within the four walls of those, acquiring ‘home sweet home’. The Army should have resisted construction of houses near station, as Sunjwan camp lies in the middle of Jammu city with civil habitation touching its periphery. This makes merging of suicide squads with the public and awaiting opportunity, much easier. It was first attacked in 2003 by a suicide squad but continued to remain vulnerable without requisite infrastructure.
On the contrary, the Ban residents, including the new arrival-ex-minister in this case-pose no threat to security of the Ammunition Depot. In fact, they can serve as ears and eyes for the armed forces to keep vigil against unwanted elements and anti-national forces.
Much before the ex-minister started construction, the Ban villagers have been demanding shifting of the Army Depot-built in 1962-to enable them have basic facilities like toilets, washrooms or addition in their dwelling units due to increase in family strength over the past six decades. Their demand cannot be put under the carpet for long. They cannot be condemned as anti-nationals either. Their nationalistic credentials are proven and the Army should respect their aspirations.

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