Vibodh Gupta, MLC inaugurated 2 roads in Rajouri -
Vibodh Gupta, MLC inaugurated 2 roads in Rajouri
Posted 07 Feb 2019 03:52 PM

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Giving a further boost to the various development programmes in Rajouri, BJP senior leader and MLC, Vibodh Gupta inaugurated a road from PHE complex Rajouri to Sat Palace including Shamshan Ghat. Later, he also inaugurated another very vital road stretch from petrol pump Jawhar Nagar to Krishna Nagar.

MLC Vibodh informed that presently massive developmental works are being carried out in various remote corners of Rajouri. He said that it is a matter of pride that the present Government is giving priority not only to the new projects but also to many projects which were started many years ago and were never completed. Such projects are now getting the attention of Government through its special programme for languishing projects.

He said that every section of society in twin border districts of Rajouri - Poonch must appreciate the fact that projects worth 1000 Crore are being sanctioned for this area. He added that the earlier governments started many projects but never allocated funds for these projects and this is the only reason that these projects kept languishing for many years. Now the present Government took a serious note of this and accordingly started a special scheme for these languishing projects.

Funds are now allocated for early completion of these projects, he added. While giving a special focus to the overall development of Rajouri, Vibodh said that recently sanctioned projects like double lanning of Abdullah bridge, circular road, Joggers path, double lanning of University road will transform Rajouri into a model town. This, he said will go a long way in boosting tourism in the area and will create tremendous employment opportunities.

He said that everyone should realize the fact that PM, Narinder Modi is working day and night to for the development projects. This he said is the only reason that presently Jammu & Kashmir in general and twin border districts of Rajouri and Poonch, in particular, are getting special attention of the Government.

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