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Jaitley compared Rahul Gandhi's hatred for PM Modi with that of a failed student
Posted 11 Feb 2019 04:52 PM

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Union cabinet minister Arun Jaitley targeted Rahul Gandhi and said that the great-grandson of Pandit Nehru will be remembered for "singularly damaging" the institution of Parliament. He also blamed Rahul for starting several "fake campaigns" against the Modi government.

In the blog titled "Institutions under Attack – The Latest Fabrication", Jaitley attacked Rahul solely and compared his personal hatred for Prime Minister Modi with that of a failed student who always hates the class topper, describing his speeches as more "college-level lumpenisation in content."

Rebutting Gandhi's oft-repeated allegations that Modi government is destroying institutions, Jaitley hit out at the Congress president and accused him of starting several "fake campaigns". "Each one of them has failed to cut much ice. Falsehood doesn't have longevity," he said, giving a point-by-point rebuttal of each of Gandhi's accusations.

Jaitley claimed that after Congress' false allegations of corruption in Rafale, industrial loans waiver, and against GST fizzled out, it resorted to shifting attack on the new ground that "institutions are under pressure."

"The charge comes from none other than those who have a history of having subverted institutions all their lives. Illustratively little did the authors of the PMLAs harsh provisions realise that the provisions could haunt the authors themselves," warned Jaitley.

He charged Rahul of misleading the public through fabricated lies regarding institutions of Parliament, judiciary, election commission, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Armed forces, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and on issues like corruption, GST, Rafale, and EVMs.

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