Prerna enjoys Komolika's misery as she pushes the car, Pragya and Abhi part ways post Kiara's death -
Prerna enjoys Komolika's misery as she pushes the car, Pragya and Abhi part ways post Kiara's death
Posted 16 Mar 2019 03:51 PM

In Kasauti Zindagi Kay, Prerna is successful makes it difficult for Anurag and Prerna to reach their honeymoon destination. In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi and Pragya hold each other responsible for Kiara's death saying they can't stand each other anymore. The family members suggest the two part ways and take the responsibility of bringing up one daughter each.

Komolika calls up her dad to find a solution to oust Prerna from her life, but Anurag snatches her phone saying that would mean she has accepted her defeat in front of Prerna. Anurag says as a wife she should discuss her problems with him and not dad. He says he is with her in this battle. Veena asks Shivani to get some groceries and she's surprised to know someone is following her. Soon, Ronit confronts her and tells her that he's in love with her and she should get back to him. Shivani rejects his advances and says that she could not trust her anymore as she knows he's Komolika's brother. Anurag and Komolika are leaving for their honeymoon the latter wonders where's Prerna considering the entire family is there to see them off. Komolika excuses herself and goes upstairs to look for Prerna. She comes down and tells Nivedita that she couldn't see Prerna and she might have fled. But they are shocked to see her waiting near the cab. Mohini says it's not the car she booked and Prerna says the driver had called he won't be able to come, so she had booked another car. Mohini checks with the driver and finds out Prerna is telling the truth. They decide to go with the cab booked by Prerna. Prerna surprises Komolika with her change in heart, but she warns her that she hasn't forgotten her challenge. Komolika is left wondering why Prerna said that and why she helped them head for their honeymoon. The car abruptly stops in the middle of the road in night. Anurag is surprised to see Komolika getting scared of darkness. Driver informs them that they need to push the car to start the ignition as he has injury in his hand. Komolika is sure that Prerna is behind this as she has resolved to ruin her honeymoon. She agrees to push the car with Anurag. Driver on the pretext of calling his boss connects with Prerna over video call and shows her Komolika pushing the car along with Anurag. Prerna enjoys their misery.

Abhi fights with Pragya and says why she gave money to Nikhil when he had asked her not to and she did the same thing with Dadi. He says because of her mistake, she had lost Dadi at that time and now he had lost their daughter. Pragya lashes out at Abhi like never before and says because of him, she has led a troubled life. She said he brought Tanu to their life because of which Nikhil also came in the picture. She said because of the both of them, she lost her sister and now her daughter. Abhi says Kiara is no more because she trusted King more than him. Pragya defends King saying he was in Kiara's life before him and had helped her during her low time. She said that he fulfilled his fatherly duty more than him. Pragya says King was helping her out without any selfish motive. Abhi says King was helping himself and not her and that he had struck a deal with Nikhil to take Kiara to New York. Abhi accused King of secretly taking his revenge from him. Abhi shows her the tickets in name of Kiara and King. Disha confirmed Abhi's claim that she had overhead King talking to Nikhil about the same. Pragya looks at King and he hangs his head in shame. She lashes out at King saying why he wanted to snatch away Kiara from them. King accepts that he wanted to take Kiara to London with him but he is not responsible for her death. He said he loved his princess and he loved her as much as they did if not more. King says even she has betrayed him after living with him for seven years and after that she vanished completely from his life. King reveals he wanted to ask her for marriage but before that Abhi took her away from him. King says his life is finished. Pragya says he can't hide his crimes stating these emotional things. King says he couldn't imagine his life without Kiara and his plan was to force her to come to London for Kiara. Pragya slaps King and she asks him to get out of this house and her life. Pragya then turns to Abhi and says it's not just King's mistake but also Tanu's and he was responsible for bringing her to their life. Pragya says if he remained in her life, she would keep thinking about Kiara and would not be able to live, but she had to live for her daughters. Pragya says she can't spend her life with her daughter's killer. Abhi says that even he cannot forget this fact that his daughter is no more because of her. Pragya packs her stuff to leave with her twin daughters. Abhi objects to it saying they are his daughters also and they will stay with him. The two continue to fight over their daughters, when the family members fed up of their arguments suggest the two should separate and take one daughter each.

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