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Abhinav Sharma chosen second time as President of Bar Association
Posted 29 Apr 2019 12:02 PM

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Advicate Abhinav Sharma of J&K High Court was chosen second time as President Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association, Jammu.

The race for office bearers of the Bar Association was hung on Saturday and the assertion of the outcome was deferred because of fight between two groups amid the tallying. On Sunday, relating was done after the gathering of lawyers.

Generally 1,981 votes were surveyed out of 2,323 for choosing the new Bar Association.
As indicated by Senior Advocate B.S Slathia, previous President of the Bar Association, who was the Returning Officer for the decision, Advocate Abhinav Sharma tied down 999 votes to win the presidential seat. Different contenders for the post to be specific Advocate Vikram Sharma, verified 751 votes, Advocate A.K Sawhney verified 226 votes and Advocate Shakti Gupta verified five votes.

Supporter Abhinav Sharma has moved toward becoming President of J&K High Court Bar Association Jammu for second time. Prior in 2010, he stayed as General Secretary of Bar Association Jammu. Abhinav Sharma who began tumult for conveying AIIMS to the Jammu Division and after battle of around a quarter of a year, AIIMS was endorsed in Jammu after the Central Government consented to fabricated AIIMS at Jammu with costing of roughly Rs 10,638 crore ashore estimating more than 500 Kanals.

With the battle of Advocate Abhinav Sharma, fringe towns got reservation of 3 percent on a similar example as is being given under ALC classification and the government provided SRO in February, 2019 after around seven months of tumult of Advocate Abhinav Sharma. He in the year 2018 raised interest for the development of degree school in town Marh, which was acknowledged by the administration in the year 2019.

As indicated by Slathia, Advocate Rohit Bhagat tied down 802 votes to win the Vice President's post. Different contenders for the post in particular, Advocate Monish Chopra verified 701 votes while Advocate R.S Durswal verified 480.

Backer Abhisekh Wazir was chosen as General Secretary by verifying 1,556 votes. His adversary Anil Khajuria verified 425 votes.

Supporter Pardeep Majotra rose as champ for the post of Joint Secretary by verifying 935 votes while Advocate Snigdha Shekhar got 436 votes, Varun Kotwal verified 324 votes and Bhavishya Sudan verified 285 votes.

Backer Shushant Samnotra has been chosen as Treasurer of the Bar Association. He verified 909 votes against his opponents to be specific Nikash Sharma and Sahil Bavoria who verified 690 and 380 votes separately.

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