Nobody casted a vote in 60 towns of 2 portions -
Nobody casted a vote in 60 towns of 2 portions
Posted 30 Apr 2019 01:17 PM

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On Monday, as Polling opened in Kulgam region a gathering of restless young fellows amassed in a path of Tarigam, definitely observing who will turn towards a Polling station in the town set up inside an administration run school.

"We have not casted a Vote this time around as our hopeful isn't in the challenge," said one youth from the gathering.

The town in the unsettled region is known as the local spot of lawmaker and pioneer of CPI(M), Mohammad Yousuf Rather, a four-time governing body from Kulgam.

The government official is otherwise called YousufTarigami, whose party has not handled a contender for AnantnagLokSabha situate and has rather declared help for National Conference.

The young fellows who had collected in a path said the couple of voters who had swung up to cast their tally originated from Tarigami's rivals.

"We are intently checking the disposition, if at all we feel adversaries will swing to cast a vote we will most likely not remain away either," said a man in mid-thirties wishing not to be named.

Tarigami who was first chosen from Kulgam in 1996 has not lost any get together race here. He later turned up at the corner alongside somewhere in the range of ten supporters and casted a vote.

Be that as it may, for the vast majority of the day nobody aside from the surveying staff could be seen inside the corner.

Until early afternoon just three votes were surveyed here.

"Not a solitary vote has been surveyed in 9 Tarigam-C out of the aggregate of 800; 2 out of 740 have station vote in Tarigam-B and only one vote out of 725 of every 94 Tarigam-A was surveyed," said a race official.

A couple of kilometers ahead at Bachroo town, paramilitary powers, policemen and armed force officers stand alert guarding a surveying station.

"Not a solitary vote was thrown out of 1757 in the two surveying stalls set up in a school till evening," said a survey official.

Outside, a driver of a minibus utilized for conveying survey material is endeavoring to set right the ravaged pieces of his harmed vehicle and clearing the broken glass bits of windscreens from inside.

"There was intensely stone pelting on our corner in the first part of the day and we are on toes," said a CRPF work force on survey obligation pointing towards the harmed minibus.

Somewhat more remote, Bogam town has again satisfied the notoriety of avoiding casting a vote.

Five surveying stalls were set up in an administration run school and out of around 3700 votes not a solitary vote was surveyed until 2pm.

"The town has customarily avoided surveying and neither in 2014 parliament decision nor later in get together races was any vote surveyed here," said an adolescent, Imran Ahmad.

His case was substantiated by the authorities in Kulgam.

In Kulgam town, while one of the surveying stations wore an abandoned look, in another set up in the agreeable advertising society around 70 cast a vote were surveyed in four surveying corners before the day's over.

The NC had surveying operators in every corner, PDP just at two and Congress one.

The remainder of the fifteen hopefuls in brawl had no poling specialists.

By the day's end Kulgam get together section recorded a simple 1.72 percent casting a vote.

The scene in fretful Homshaliugh (Qaimoh-Yaripora) fragment was the same with just 1.13 percent surveying recorded.

Twelve surveying stations for twelve distinct towns of Qaimoh tehsil were clubbed together in government higher optional school at Qaimoh.

"This zone is exceptionally unstable and keeping that in view we have not set up any surveying station inside these towns – Rampora, Redwani, HawooraMishpora and Ghat – however rather settled them here," a police official at Qaimoh said.

So also, he said for Khudwani surveying stalls were set up in Wanpoh and Harnag regions of Anantnag locale along the old national parkway.

Be that as it may, these surveying stalls also seen stone tossing for the duration of the day.

In Kujar town handfuls were harmed with pellets amid conflicts with security powers staff.

Conflicts were additionally announced from Ashmuji, Bhan where a couple of wounds were accounted for.

At Frisal, Yaripora, Wukai territories of Kulgam and Arwani in Bijbehara additionally wore a betrayed look with no surveying operators inside the surveying stalls set up far from the towns.

In any case, individuals in twos casted a vote in Batengoo, Sangam, Uranhall and Shamsipora situated along the old national expressway in Anantnag region.

PDP's Abdul GaffarSofi had spoken to this body electorate twice before he lost to NC's Abdul MajeedBhat (Larmi) amid the last get together races.

"My get together fragment has dependably stayed touchy to the extent the security situation is concerned. Indeed, even in last gathering races, the casting a ballot rate in my voting demographic especially those which fall in Kulgam stayed low," Sofi said. Zero casting a vote in somewhere around 50 towns of Kulgam and Homshalibugh:

In something like 60 towns in the survey bound territories nobody casted a vote on Monday.

Among them were Katipora, Kanjikul in Frisal zone; MunandGufan, RedwaniPayeen, RedwaniBala, HawooraMishpora, Ghat, Kujar, Tuli-Nowpora, Rampora in Qaimoh territory of Homshalibugh gathering section. Likewise, Davev, Bogund, Bolsoo, Bogam, Bochroo, Supat, Panev, Desan, Hangalgush, Kukargund and many different towns did not see anybody turning out at surveying stalls.

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