After ban, govt imposes toll tax on movement of people on J&K highway -
After ban, govt imposes toll tax on movement of people on J&K highway
Posted 07 May 2019 03:38 PM

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Individuals on Tuesday challenged experts for forcing toll charge close Charsoo-Awantipora on Srinagar-Jammu expressway in south Kashmir.

Various individuals said that the toll square was made operational from today and each vehicle going through it was charged toll of Rupees 85 for each light engine vehicle.

"This is shock in what manner would government be able to force such a cruel request against individuals of Kashmir requesting that we pay Rupees 170 every day from moving back and forth on the interstate," said an individual, demonstrating a receipt of Rs 85 gathering as toll by National Highways Authority Of India.

Someone else from Ganderbal said that he was stunned when requested to pay Rs 85 preceding being permitted to proceed onward the lane.

"We don't win as much as what is being charged. Having officially restricted regular citizen traffic on expressway by goodness of request on April 3, it appears that the experts by forcing such brutal expense, the legislature has chosen to totally closed the parkway for the regular citizens consistently," he stated, including somebody revealed to me that it isn't pertinent for individuals living inside the sweep of 20 kilometers from the Toll Plaza.

"I fall past the cutoff points, which means accordingly that I need to pay Rs 170 consistently I move past Sangam and on return back," he said.

As the toll was been gathered from today a large portion of the general population challenged it and would not pay, prompting the road turned parking lot on the expressway around the toll court, reports and onlooker said.

At the point when reached Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Baseer Khan said that the issue was taken by him with experts in New Delhi, and from now onwards individuals living inside 20 kilometers sweep of toll court won't need to pay anything.

"A formal notice in such manner will be issued soon," the Divisional Commissioner said.

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