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‘Ripped’ presented during Natrang’s Sunday Theatre
Posted Monday 03:16 PM


‘Ripped’ a play based on poem ‘Sabse Khatarnak’ written by one of the major revolutionary Punjabi poets, Avtar Singh Pash, popularly known as ‘Pash’, was staged here on Sunday at Natrang Studio Theatre under Sunday Theatre Series. The play was presented by Natraj Natya Kunj Cultural Society, Jammu, scripted by Karan Mehra, designed by Aaditya Bharti and directed by Abhishek Bharti.
A humanitarian and resolute reformer ‘Pash’ was a poet of conscience who fought for the rights of credulous masses, articulating their pain in his poetry. His poems were centered on the oppression faced by common masses, mainly the farmers of Punjab. ‘Pash’ is counted among the world-famous and appreciated poets like Nazam Hikmet, Pablo Nairoda, Faiz Ahemad Faiz, Garcia Lorka, Maxism Gorki, Railf Faks, Christopher Kadvel, Astrovaski, Muktibhodh and Dhumil. The play, inspired from true events, carries varied moods like grief, nostalgia, dismay and revolt. As the play progressed, actors were seen bringing alive the poet’s protest against anti-human forces, social evils, metaphysical dogmas and anti-human prejudices. The play mirrors the society wearing blinkers to avoid reality. The play was based on the form ‘The Theatre of the Oppressed’ which was started in 20th century by famous theatre practitioner Augusto Boal.
The unvarnished candidness of Pash’s poetry, his passion, isolation or whimsical enthusiasm about life and society were ably interwoven between various scenes by the scriptwriter. The play was full of beautifully designed images by Aaditya Bharti, remarkably adding to the beauty and meaning of the play. The director of the play, Abhishek Bharti delved deep into the profound depth of Pash’s poetry for its experimental and vivid dramatisation.
Actors who performed in the play included Tejan Bharti, Arun Bral, Manpreet Kaur, Chanda Pandey, Ritik Mahajan, Daksh Sagoch, Shivam Chib, Vaibhav Sagoch and Pratham Sharma.
The lights were executed by Aaditya Bharti and Shivam Singh while the music was rendered by Abhishek Bharti. The show was coordinated by Mohammad Yaseen.

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