In Pakistan, milk contacts Rs 140 for every liter imprint, costlier than oil -
In Pakistan, milk contacts Rs 140 for every liter imprint, costlier than oil
Posted 11 Sep 2019 11:49 AM

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The cost of milk has left control crosswise over real urban communities of Pakistan on the day when Muharram is watched, as indicated by Pakistani media reports. The cost of milk has arrived at Rs 140 for each liter in Karachi and the Sindh Province.

Curiously, petroleum and diesel costs in Pakistan are lower than that of milk. Oil was selling Rs 113 for each liter, while diesel was Rs 91 for every liter in Pakistan, only two days prior.

There have been even reports that milk is sold for as high as Rs 140 a liter in certain pieces of Sindh.

"Milk is being sold between Rs 120 and Rs 140 over the city of Karachi because of the sharp increment popular," said a businessperson.

During Moharram, Sabeels (slows down) are set up in various pieces of the city to offer milk, juices and cold water to the members of the heavenly month's parades. For this, there is a gigantic interest for milk. Because of the expanded interest, the milk costs have shot up.

"We set up milk Sabeel consistently and essentially would not like to skip it this year because of a climb in milk costs," said an occupant who set up sabeel, including that never in his lifetime has he seen such an extraordinary value climb of milk because of Muharram.

Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani, who is in charge of controlling the cost of milk, appears to have failed to address the over the top rates at which milk is being sold, as per reports.

Amusingly, the official cost of milk set by the Commissioner Office is still Rs 94 a liter.

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