SC Responds to Kapil Sibal on Kashmir Restrictions -
SC Responds to Kapil Sibal on Kashmir Restrictions
Posted 08 Nov 2019 05:42 PM

Image Source: INDIA TODAY


The judge’s comment came on arguments by senior lawyer Kapil Sibal, who is representing his party colleague Ghulam Nabi Azad, who questioned restrictions ordered by the government in the valley and insisted that these were subject to judicial review.

Sibal insisted that the bar on allowing leaders to travel to Jammu and Kashmir should have a relation to some material about the threat to life. The right to freely travel would include the right to freely enter and exit Kashmir, he said, questioning the provisions under which the state pulled the plug on landlines and mobile phones. The Congress leader stressed that the large-scale restrictions under Section 144 of the criminal procedure code were “constitutionally impermissible”.

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