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Japan Has 1 Vending Machine For Every 25 People
Posted 01 Apr 2017 12:05 PM


Indian markets are driven by roadside kiosks, vendors, and tiny shops. It is only now that we're vesting our interest in online shopping, but as history would suggest, we were always the kind to touch and see a product before buying.

However, there are countries across the globe who have long forgotten this technique. Their lifestyle is governed by availability, presence and proximity of what they need.

A similar market has been thriving in Japan and here's its story.
The quest to make Japan's millions of vending machines even a bigger market than the existing one is magical. It may be hard to believe but Japan has 1 vending machine for every 25 people.

Vending machines are everywhere in Japan and one can buy almost everything that they need on daily basis. These machines offer a range of goods from tomatoes, cans, coffee, noodle stew, beer and even Buddhist charms.

These machines that line the street and train stations in huge numbers generate a lot of sales. In fact, many big brands are totally dependent on them for their sales.

Dydo Drinco, a local brand relies on vending machines for more than 80% of its revenue.

But in a saturated market, vending machines faces competition from 24-hour convenience stores, and the real challenge is to come up with new ways to keep people coming back for more.

Some brands have introduced machines that talk to customers and also offer a chance to win some money through "roulette" game. These companies are now aiming at building on the smartphone technology so that customers can have a more fun experience.

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