This Chinese band is breaking gender -
This Chinese band is breaking gender
Posted 01 Apr 2017 01:57 PM


Crushing over celebrities is as innate to human beings as drooling over desserts, and we've all been there. Musicians have always been a major attraction to us because music is just super-appealing.

Imagine how painful it would be if you're a straight person who discovered that the celeb you've been crushing on for the longest of time is of the same sex as you. This is what has happened with almost nine lakh fans of the Chinese boy or girl band Acrush.

The boy or girl band Acrush, is actually a group of five androgynous girls, and Chinese women who have fallen head-over-heels in love with them (and even fantasised their lives together) are drastically shocked and heartbroken. The supposed-boy-band is a sensation on the Chinese social media website called Tencent.

The fans came across this revelation when the website conducted a series of musical events called the Husband Exhibition, introducing the new upcoming band at Chinese universities. The band will be launched officially in April, but the Chinese fans have had their eyes on this 'boy band' ever since their pictures have been floated after their musical tours.

The English term 'Husband' has been given a new meaning by the Chinese--it refers to an attractive male celebrity who women fantasize about, and wish to marry. We can totally feel the pain of losing a crush to different sexual orientation, and it's just heart wrenching.

According to the officials, the idea of forming an androgynous band had been floating for some time, and the members were chosen after screening a number of women. The members of Acrush have always been inclined towards dressing like men, and they have faced issues confirming their identities to people.

As sad as it is for the Chinese women, we are impressed with the idea of forming an androgynous band. Music is an art form, it needs no sexual barriers and conformism to have a an audience. These women have chosen to be comfortable in what they look like, and it makes them all the more appealing.

In a world where external beauty dominates, Chinese women are breaking barriers and, umm, hearts too.

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