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Helicopter using Maruti engine
Posted 03 Apr 2017 01:07 PM


ndia has always been known for the many things and this time it is in the headlines because a class 10 dropout developed a helicopter in his house's backyard. The news of such inventions primarily comes from institutes like IITs who do research on some extraordinary objects but this time, it is a man from Idukki, a small district in Kerala who is in the news for developing a helicopter in his own backyard.

54-year old D Sadasivan, from Kerala Idukki hits the headlines for developing a twin-seater ultra-light aircraft by using the engine from Maruti car and other recycled materials. What makes this feat so great is the fact that this man has studied only up to class 10.

How did he make it?

- It took sadasivan almost four years to create the helicopter.

- When he initially discussed the idea in the school where his daughter studies, the principal asked Sadasivan to build a model of the helicopter for showcasing in the school.

- "I began to build the chopper after the school principal requested me to do so. In fact, he wanted me to build only a model of a helicopter to keep it the school. I thought why not make a fully-operational one," said Sadasivan.

- For build purpose he used the engine of Maruti 800 and a reduction gear box.

- He owns an engineering workshop from where he got the rest of the parts for the helicopter.

Can the homemade helicopter fly?

Upon asking the question he said that he needs month time before he can fly the machine. "I need to get clearance from various agencies for permission to fly. However, before that I can fly the chopper within the limits of the property I own" he said.

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