Tom Felton Plays Guitar In Prague streets and goes unrecognized -
Tom Felton Plays Guitar In Prague streets and goes unrecognized
Posted 17 Jun 2017 10:50 AM

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JK Rowling’s Harry Potter – the series of fantasy novels and films – enjoy a crazy fan following across the globe. Millions of kids yearn to study at Hogwarts (even though it’s imaginary), and a few even have all the spells and charms memorised by heart. From Harry Potter, Hermoine and Ron to Voldemort and Draco Malfoy, the fictional characters have touched the lives of so many people that it feels like they are almost real.
If Daniel Radcliffe has cast a spell on viewers as Harry Potter, Tom Felton’s negative streak as Draco Malfoy has also irked many. And at one time, Felton was in competition with Radcliffe for his die-hard looks. However, his recent pictures have come as a shocker because the 29-year-old looks like a changed man now.
Recently, the actor was seen in Prague turning into a street guitarist while humming a song. But, what’s strange is that not even a single soul could recognise him. Yes, not even one passerby stopped to take a second glance at him. The actor was in the city to shoot for his forthcoming film Ophelia and he pulled off the stunt to break out of the monotony.
Felton later uploaded a video on Instagram and his fans were shocked to see him on the street. One of them even commented, “This is so cool of you! Just awesome! I mean , many actors and artists feel “too popular” to go on the street; and you’re not just going there- you sing and make people smile with your music! That’s just awesome man! Thank you.”

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