Forces closing in on Zakir Musa as he forms group of about 30 terrorists -
Forces closing in on Zakir Musa as he forms group of about 30 terrorists
Posted 06 Aug 2017 04:08 PM

The security forces have now zeroed in on the Zakir Musa, who many believe is trying to establish the Al-Qaeda wing the the valley. According to the sources, after the killing of Abu Dujana, Zakir Musa is now the most wanted and high catch terrorist in the valley. According to the sources, after the Qaeda announced the establishment of the Kashmir wing of the international terrorist organisation, the security forces have received information that Musa has established a short group of about 30 terrorists affiliated to this ideology and unless he is shot dead at the earliest, he could pose a major challenge and take off the pressure mounted on the terrorists across teh valley.
"Zakir was earlier quite isolated after he break ranks with HM and had gone against the separatist. But he was slowly gaining traction and it became visible when local youth raised slogans outside the Jama Masjid mosque where DySP was lynched in favour of Zakir Musa. We then came to realise that he is making ground and now he is becoming potential threat," said the sources.
The sources said that till June he had small group of the just about five terrorists but now he has formed a group of 30 terrorists and it was only after that sizeable group was formed that the Al Qaeda announced him as commander of the Kashmir wing of the terrorist outfit.
"We have general information about his hiding in forests of the north Kashmir and more intelligence is being gained though the pressure is being constantly mounted.
We can't take any chances as there were already reports taht even Dujana was in contact with him to give more arm power to this newly formed terrorists entity.
Even the home ministry is keeping a tab on him and the daily information is being discussed.
We are sure to get him killed and it will be then that most of the top leadership of the terrorist operating in the valley would have been eliminated and then the tipping point would come," said teh sources.

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