India will not respond positively to peace efforts: Statement by Khawaja Asif -
India will not respond positively to peace efforts: Statement by Khawaja Asif
Posted 07 Aug 2017 12:51 PM

Pakistan’s newly appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs Khawaja Muhammad Asif said India is not responding in a positive manner to Pakistan’s efforts to establish peace in the region, Pakistan newspaper Dawn reported on Monday. Addressing his first press conference at Pakistan Muslim League-N House in Sialkot since taking over his new role, Asif said both India and Afghanistan have failed to respond positively to Pakistan’s desire for peace. He further stated that Pakistan’s efforts to establish good relations with neighbors should not be thought of as its weakness.
“It’s high time for both India and Afghanistan to come forward as good neighbors and give a positive response to Pakistan’s peace initiatives and end the blame game,” Asif said.
He went on to express his regret that “India was continuously violating the the ceasefire accord by shelling the civilian population along the Line of Control”. He further alleged that India is supporting conspiracies against Pakistan being hatched by Afghanistan to “destabilize this country economically and politically”.
He accused India conspiring with the US to sabotage the Indus Water Treaty. He said Pakistan has gained support from the international community on the treaty and has been able to take up the issue with the World Bank. Asking India to support Islamabad’s peace initiatives, Asif said, Pakistan’s strong defense is capable of defending its own borders.
Asif claimed that Pakistan has gained world wide recognition for playing a pivotal role in establishing peace in the region by defeating terrorist forces. He added that the country has been fighting against terrorism for decades now.

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