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Facelift for Darbaris, roadblocks for Jammuites
Posted 31 Oct 2017 05:34 PM

The nooks and corners of Jammu city leading to the Civil Secretariat Complex are getting a major facelift as per routine practice of welcoming ‘Darbaris’ on the occasion of reopening of State government offices in the winter capital.
The main city junctions are also getting a fresh layer of paint while roads have been freshly carpeted to ensure smooth ride for the ‘Mantris’ and their ‘Sentris’. In doing so, every year the State government spends huge sums of money while renovating official accommodations of government employees and refurbishing bungalows of Council of Ministers.
In contrast to this, there are several high priority places which continue to face utter neglect of the civil authorities in and around Jammu.
The heritage wall of Bahu Plaza Shopping Complex, depicting rich cultural Dogra heritage, is one such venue.
The fountains across parks and rotaries remain non functional for want of repair but no effort is ever made to carry out their maintenance work.
Luckily, the heritage wall constructed near the Civil Secretariat Complex gets a facelift ahead of the reopening of the offices but the same wall outside the Bahu Plaza Shopping Complex is in bad shape and needs immediate attention and preservation.
The idea to depict different facets of Dogra Raj was the brainchild of former JDA Chairman and the same was replicated outside Secretariat Complex but after creating the art form very little effort has been made by the JDA to preserve the same art form in its grandeur. The state of affairs is such that it is difficult to spot what actually is depicted in the art form.
Ironically, several Jammu based political parties and NGOs keep organising protests and seminars on how to preserve the rich cultural heritage but they fail to come forward and join hands when it comes to preserving the existing sites.
The poor maintenance of the Bahu Plaza Shopping Complex also paint a dirty picture of the overall efforts being made to maintain the plaza despite figuring as one of the hot spots among the commercial market places in the city of temples.
Similarly, viewpoints developed by the State government at various locations on both sides of the Tawi River remain in shambles. Neither the local authorities nor the Tourism Department has ever made an effort to maintain these places to attract tourists. The road leading to Bawe temple on the banks of river Tawi is also in bad shape with several pot holes and bumps.

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