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Happy birthday Bigg Boss: Meet the mysterious man behind Bigg Boss voice
Posted 28 Dec 2017 04:03 PM

The 11th season of the controversial show Bigg Boss is here with contestants such as Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde making huge headlines. Bigg Boss 11, which kickstarted on October 1, is ruling the small screens at the moment as controversies, fights and gossips are high on the TRP meter. The strong and bold contestants don’t seem to be afraid of anything. However, when Bigg Boss announces something important or scolds them in his powerful voice, the contestants react immediately and try to cool down as soon as possible.

Atul Kapoor Bigg Boss voice

Today is Bigg Boss’s birthday. Yes, the mysterious man who says “Bigg Boss Chahte Hai”, has turned a year older today. The face behind the deep baritone is none other than Atul Kapoor.

Atul is an Indian actor and voice actor who has a good command on English and Hindi languages. Atul, who is celebrating his 49th birthday today, has been working as a voice over artist since 2002.

Atul, the Bigg Boss, has been the contestants' confidant, psychologist, friend, mentor and much more during the mentally gruelling show. And the news also doing the rounds is that even Atul stays confined in a room, keeping an eye on the contestant’s every move. Of course, the man makes announcements inside the house at odd hours in the night, so that’s bound to be true.

On a related note, relatives and close friends of the contestants are in the Bigg Boss 11 house as ‘padosis’ currently and, already tiff between Akash Dadlani’s mother and Bandgi Kalra is making huge headlines.

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