Plots for sale under ‘nose of’ Sunjwan Military Station -
Plots for sale under ‘nose of’ Sunjwan Military Station
Posted 19 Feb 2018 01:29 PM

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If you are looking for a prime location for residential dwelling, close to the boundary wall of Sunjwan Military Station, to ensure your own security you can contact mobile numbers 9419165132 and 9906112967 to strike a deal at the earliest.
These are mobile numbers of real estate developers, who are selling plots in Sunjwan area. These numbers are painted on the boundary walls of a plot adjacent to the boundary wall of Sunjwan Military Station.
This is not the only one real estate developer, who is selling plots in the area. A large number of offices of real estate developers have come up in recent years, selling out the plots without following any stated norms.
In majority of areas, the State land or the forest land has been encroached and later sold off to people who wanted to construct second home in Jammu and were originally residents of different parts of the State.
Interestingly, soon after striking a land deal you need not worry about any other permission.
The State government agencies have apparently given free hand to all and sundry to encroach upon State and Forest land to construct palatial houses without valid permission.
Perhaps as an incentive, the State government is providing black topped roads, water connections and uninterrupted power supply to ensure cozy comforts within the four walls of your ‘home sweet home’.
During past several years, if any honest and upright officer made an effort to implement rule of law and issue valid permissions, either he was snubbed or shifted out to facilitate /expedite construction work in these residential colonies. Sunjwan is not the only one colony which has come up on the outskirts of Jammu.
There are several other colonies along the Tawi river bed where people from different parts of Jammu and Kashmir have purchased land from real estate developers.
In several cases even the court rulings and orders, issued by the senior most judges, have not been adhered to by the greedy real estate developers. After the fidayeen strike on Sunjwan Military Station, large number of illegal colonies, which have sprung up in the close vicinity, have come under the scanner as investigating agencies believed Jaish-e- Mohammad cadre, who targeted the army camp may have been camping in the area and conducted recee before storming the camp.
Even Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, during her visit to the State, had made it clear, “The demography of the Cantonment, which was attacked by the militants and adjoining area, indicated the possibility of local support to the terrorists. The Jaish-e-Mohammed module, which conducted the attack may have infiltrated sometime back and there is a possibility of them having enjoyed local support before the final operation.”

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