Twitter flooded Amdist Manipur Riots Two Women paraded naked and Gangraped. Justice is still due -
Twitter flooded Amdist Manipur Riots Two Women paraded naked and Gangraped. Justice is still due
Posted 20 Jul 2023 12:37 PM

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Several social media posts questioned the "deafening silence" on the issue since May 3 in Bharatiya Janata-controlled states, prompting the public to talk to their favorite actors and athletes about the crisis. I urge you to speak up.

Some Bollywood actors have also joined online protests calling for the harshest punishment for the perpetrators. Actors Akshay Kumar, Richa Chadha, and Renuka Sahane have been in a state of lawlessness in the northeastern province, bearing the brunt of ethnic tensions between the two communities of Meitis and Kukis since early May. He was one of the first celebrities to raise concerns.

Urmila Matondkar reacted violently, saying, "I am shocked, upset, and appalled by the Manipur video and the fact that it happened in May without any measures being taken." People sitting on horses, pranksters wearing media boots and licking them, and celebrities who keep silent are a disgrace. Dear Bharat/Indians, when did we come here?"

Pointing to the government's failure to curb the violence, actress Renuka Shahane asked if anyone could stop the atrocities in Manipur. “Will anyone stop Manipur’s atrocities? If you are not deeply disturbed by this disturbing video of two women, you are right to call yourself a human, let alone a Bharatiya or an Indian.” Is it?"

Comedian Vir Das also said, "I'm looking for friends. How many conferences and summits must the people of Manipur have to sponsor before the mainstream media picks it up in prime time?"

Social media platforms such as Twitter continue to be flooded with massive outrage over the delay in responding to the assault, which went viral yesterday, May 4th. Hashtags such as "Manipur Violence" and
"Enough Enough" were trending heavily on Twitter. Meanwhile, police said a complaint was filed last month. Police said one case of kidnapping, gang rape, and murder of an unidentified armed criminal was registered in the case. Union Minister Smriti Irani tweeted after the video leaked, saying an ongoing investigation was ongoing. Manipur is facing an internet shutdown after clashes over "law and order" issues erupted.

Ethnic clashes broke out in the province on May 3 during a rally hosted by the All Tribal Students Union (ATSU). The Kuqui tribe held the rally in protest against calls to add the Meitei to the Scheduled Tribes (ST) list.

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