INDIA Block Coordination Committee on Wednesday to decide on campaigns and protests: Manoj Jha -
INDIA Block Coordination Committee on Wednesday to decide on campaigns and protests: Manoj Jha
Posted 11 Sep 2023 05:29 PM

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The first meeting of the coordination committee of INDIA's opposition bloc will focus on ending campaigns and rallies in the coming days, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Manoj Jha said on Monday.
Speaking to PTI, Jha said the results of the recent by-polls in seven parliamentary seats in six states - of which the opposition won four and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) three - showed that the narrative was being built in favor of INDIA. . block
"Today's meeting on the 13th is important, There were meetings of various sub-groups such as the social media committee, the campaign committee, and the research committee, they all held their meetings. The negotiation that took place in these meetings will be given the stamp. of approval. The agenda will receive a final form, what would be the programs where the campaigns will be organized, everything will come according to him finished. A meeting of the 14-member coordination committee of the INDIA bloc, the highest decision-making body of the bloc, will be held at the residence of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Sharad Pawar in Delhi on Wednesday.

More than two dozen opposition parties have formed the Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) to jointly face the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.
Asked how the Enforcement Directorate (ED) summoned Trinamool Congress leader Abhishek Banerjee, a member of the coordination committee, to appear before it on the day of the meeting, Jha said the government is using agencies where it cannot defeat its opponents politically.
"The day we formed INDIA alliance - Judicious Bharat, Jitega India - we knew that ED, I-T, and CBI would be freed. Today Abhishek Banerjee called, Someone else will…. These people have the mindset that if you can't deal with the opposition politically, keep them. They forget that jails are not so strong that it can make people angry," he said, taking aim at the ruling BJP.

"This shows that the Prime Minister and his team could not come up with a concrete political vocabulary against the opposition alliance against India. They call us East India Company, Ghamandiya... The Prime Minister and his team look shocked. worried..." said Rajya Sabha member of parliament He said that recent investigations showed that the narrative was constructed in favor of the INDIA block.
"Normally, we don't put so much weight on the results of by-polls, but this time there is a party with so many resources and power on the one hand, and the opposition parties on the other hand have a serious lack of resources. . The results show that you cannot get so many resources and power. Power cannot buy everything and with money," said Jha.

"These results have created a story, even the margin of one seat lost by the Congress - Bageshwar - is very small. It is nothing if you look at the past results of Uttarakhand," he said. In the recently held polls, the results of which were announced on Friday, INDIA bloc parties won four seats - Ghosi in Uttar Pradesh, Dumri in Jharkhand, Dhupguri in West Bengal and Puthuppally in Kerala - while the BJP won two seats in Tripura and Bageshwar. . . Uttarakhand.
In Bageshwar Assembly seat, BJP candidate Parwati Dass defeated Basant Kumar of Congress by 2321 votes.

When asked if the September 13 meeting will also discuss who will be the face of the alliance, Jha said, "The talk of 'face' is characteristic of the neoliberal nature of the market and its influence on politics. In 1977 there was no face.., voices against autocracy rose, J P (Narayan) was the leader but did not become the prime minister, and Morarji Desai became the prime minister.

“In 2004, the Shining India campaign fell apart… The prime minister had a name but we have Manmohan Singh who led the country for 10 years and gave one of the best governments… I often say don't buy shampoo or soap. On the other hand, there is a political party where no one can speak against the prime minister, is this a good system? Or is the type of system proposed by the opposition - first among equals - better? We are bringing progressive opportunity to people," he added.

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