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Jammu Kashmir Reserved Categories Empowerment Alliance (JKRCEA) Press Conference
Posted 18 Dec 2019 05:55 PM



JKRCEA is a Registered TRUST committed to safeguard the rights of downtrodden F-476, Resham Ghar Colony (Mazdoor Basti), Jammu Phone : 7889944265, 788935907, 7006144708 e-mail : [email protected] Press Release 18th December 2019: JKRCEA Welcomes Lt. Governor on Statement for extension of Constitutional Rights of SCSTOBCs: Cautions him about Bureaucratic misguidance in the matter.

The leaders of Jammu Kashmir Reserved Categories Empowerment Alliance (JKRCEA) in a largely attended Press Conference thanked Lt. Governor Sh. G.C. Murmu for giving a statement in the media regarding Constitutional rights of SCSTOBCs especially issue of Reservations for SCSTs. But sensing the past experience with J&K bureaucracy, the leaders cautioned LG w.r.t misguiding and negative stand of KAS lobby of J&K when the question of constitutional rights of SCSTOBCs comes for discussion. They said that few KAS batch officers in connivance with previous as well as present Law Secretary misguided past and present government in the matter of reservation in promotions for SCSTs. They further said that all the constitutional rights of SCST were being targeted even during President's Rule in J&K.

They requested Lt. Governor, Sh. G.C. Murmu to direct bureaucracy to be people and constitution friendly and do not display dictatorial and misguiding traits. Now also they are probably misguiding the higher ups that new Reservation Policy for SCSI needs to be drafted, that in fact shall be a sharp betrayal to SCSTs, as Reservation in education and employments including Reservation in Promotions is already in vogue in view of protection of J&K. Reservation Act of 2004 and extension of aLl the articles of Col along with amendments to J&K after abrogation of Article 370.

The leaders further said that they welcome the Constitution of 03 members committee to submit report on issue of Reservation in Promotions which is being headed by an upright & Positive Commissioner Mr. M.K.Dwvedi, but leaders displayed strong resentment against other two members Mr. Achal Sethi (Law Secy) & Mr. Sohail Noor (Addl Secy/GAD), who the leaders feel are anti reservation and anti SCSTOBCs. They further demanded that at least 01 Secretary level officer belonging to SC or ST should have been incorporated in the committee. They welcomed Dr. Jatindra Sing's statement that Central Laws are suo motto implemented in JK UT, but leaders apprehend that it may be a houx call.

Prof. G.L. Thapa, while talking to media person said that a group of bureaucrats especially KAS lobby of both upper caste Muslims & Hindus remained untamed even during President's Rule and they misguided Chief Secretary regarding matters of Constitutional Rights of SCSTOBCs, this resulted in Chief Secretary not giving time of meeting to JKRCEA since last more than one year. He further added that The Law Secretary is totally adamant regarding restoration of reservation in promotions and is hand in glove with the KAS lobby and upper caste employees especially few engineers & doctors who is misguiding higher authorities in the matter regarding restoration in reservation in promotions. He has adamantly taken firm stand that Reservation in Promotions shall be restored only after disposal from the Supreme Court. He is defying Presidential Order of 2019, dated 1 march 2019 and J&K Reorganization Act passed by both houses of Parliament after abrogation of Article 370.

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