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Rangyatri stages engrossing presentation of Ismail Choonara’s ‘A Broken Chair’
Posted 26 Apr 2017 11:42 AM


A gripping presentation of Uma Jhunjunwala’s Hindi translation of Ismail Choonara’s original English play ‘A Broken Chair’ was staged by Rangyatri at the Abhinav Theatre.

Directed by Mushtaq Kak, the play emerged as a delight for theater buffs of the winter capital for the literary excellence of content that inventively dealt with issues ranging from purely existentialist to the everyday sectarian mindset gnawing upon the Indian society.

But it was the visual theatricalizing of the text reflective of the accomplished production design by the director who succeeded in offering the spectators a rare experience of the aesthetic rupture-a natural corollary to a virtuoso theater performance.

It was achieved through the ensemble of competent acting, dialogues marked with casualness and informality, the measured on-stage movements, groupings of three young actors, appropriate set design, background score and above all the symphony of light design.

Sandeep Verma as Ravi, Vivek Sangotra as Aziz and Shilakha Sharma as Sumitra, exhibiting energy and a repertoire of acting prowess not only kept the stage animated with their realistic acting style manage but successfully made the audience to savor the dialogic and the situational irony underlying the text.
The set was designed by Vivek Sangotra and Tovin Kumar, music by Shanaya Khanna, light by Sunil Sharma, costumes by Ankit Sharma while Sandeep Verma assisted in the production.

On the fourth day of the ongoing theater festival being organized by Unison Repertory, Jackson Cultural Society will stage Rajneesh Gupta’s Hindi play Chhotey Log.

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