Talks with Separatists will only encourage them: BJP -
Talks with Separatists will only encourage them: BJP
Posted 29 Apr 2017 01:48 PM

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday reinforced the Centre's stand of not talking to those separatist leaders who demand 'azaadi', saying that a dialogue in present situation would only encourage the separatists further.
BJP leader S. Prakash asserted that the prevailing situation in the Valley can only be tackled by strong measures and the Centre's stance is one such step towards the same.

Prakash hoped that the ones indulging in violence would realise that their efforts are futile and meaningless.

"It is a right decision considering the situation prevailing in the Valley. Under the circumstances, any talks with Separatists will only encourage them further. It needs to be handled with strong measures and the Central Government has chosen a strong measure to bring back the Valley to normalcy. Those who are indulging in violence should realise their efforts are meaningless. They are achieving nothing out of it. Hope they will realise it," Prakash told Agency.

Another BJP leader Sudesh Verma opined that some forces in the Valley are opposing the development, as it would lead to their exposure.

Verma hit out at the separatist leaders, saying that those who demand 'azaadi' are not in favour of welfare of India.

"We have been consistent in our stand. The government has clarified that they would not talk to anyone who does believe in the Indian Constitution. Those who demand 'azaadi' and separatism do not welfare of India definitely. We want to talk and want peace in the Valley but talks cannot happen if people want it by putting guns on head. We are trying to usher in development in the Valley. There are forces opposing it, because with development will lead to them being exposed. That is why there escalation of violence fueled by forces from across the border," he said.

In a milder tone, BJP MP Shaina NC said the separatists, who demand 'azaadi,' must understand that Kashmir is an integral part of India, a directive coming from the Supreme Court.

"The separatists must understand that Kashmir is an integral part of India and this is not the stand of government. For those who have slogans of 'azaadi, this is a directive coming from the highest court of the country, the Supreme Court," Shaina told Agency.

Earlier yesterday, the Centre told the Supreme Court that it would not talk to the separatist leaders, who demand 'azaadi' (freedom).

Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, top law officer representing the Centre, made this statement while the apex court was hearing a petition filed by Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association (JKHCBA) to take to various stakeholders and consider their opinion in connection with the plea against the use of pellet guns in the state.

Earlier in the day, the court asked the association leaders to get names of the people, who can hold talks with the Centre for the resolution of the present situation in the state.

JKHCBA was also asked to assure the top court that no stone pelting would be committed in the future if they wanted prohibition against the use of pellet guns.

The apex court had earlier asked the Centre to consider effective means other than use of pellet guns to quell stone pelting mobs in Jammu and Kashmir as it concerns life and death.

The Kashmir High Court Bar Association (KHBA) had earlier alleged that the pellet guns were being 'misused'.

The case was filed in the wake of the several lives lost during last year unrest in the Kashmir Valley.

Around 78 people lost their lives and over 100 people were injured, several critically, in Jammu and Kashmir last year due to the use of pellet guns, JKHCBA claimed in its petition.

The division bench of the Supreme Court had, in December last year, admitted the petition for hearing and directed the Central Government to submit the report of the team of experts constituted on the use of pellet guns before the court.

Earlier in July 2016, the Centre constituted a team to recommend suitable replacement for the pellet guns.

A seven-member expert committee set up for exploring other possible alternatives to pellet guns as non-lethal weapons submitted its report to Union Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi in August.

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