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Pulwama - "Anand of Kashmir"
Posted 03 May 2017 05:47 PM

Pulwama (known as Panwangam in antiquity is a town and a notified area committee in Pulwama district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is almost 40 km (25 mi) from the summer capital of Srinagar. Pulwama is often called the "Anand of Kashmir" or "Dudha-Kul of Kashmir" on account of its high milk production.

Attraction in pulwama:

1. Kungwattan : Situated 8 km away from the Aharbal Waterfalls, isolated and untouched from human intervention, Kungwattan is a meadow at a height of 8, 400km. From Kungwattan a walk through thick forests lead to Mahinag at 9, 800 feet.

2. Jama Masjid Shopian : 16 kms from city center .On way to Mughal road across Pir Panjal, the Jama Masjid Shopian mosque was once an important stopover. Built during the Mughal era, its was considered as the waypoint for all Mughals on way to Kashmir and back. Today too, it continues be a prominent landmark and attraction.

3. Tarsar and Marsar Lake : 38 kms from city center .About 3km and 5km respectively from the village of Nagberan, Tarsar and Marsar are two beautiful lakes in the Pulwama district, that find themselves tied to instances of the folklores of Kashmir.

4. Kounsarnag Lake : 41 kms from city center .Located amidst the Panjal mountains to the south of Kashmir, at 4000m above sea level, the Kounsar lake finds itself frozen even during the summer months. The Vishav is fed by the Kaunsarnag lake which is about 3 Kms long. It joins the Jhelum below Bijbehara.

5. Avantishwar Temple : 12 kms from city center .A signification monument in Pulwama, this temple is situated in Jawbrari Village of the district and is said to have been built by Raja Awanti Varma, in the 9th Century AD. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

6. Hurpora : 22 kms from city center .A scenic view point, Hurpora is situated at a distance of 12 km from the Jama Masjid Shopian. It lies on the Mughal road to Pir Panjal can be accessed easily by cars.

7. Payer Temple : 8,616 kms from city center . One of the most popular religious attractions of Pulwama, the Payer Temple is situated 3 km south of Pulwama. This temple is also called as the Payech Temple by several travelers.

8. Aharbal waterfall
One of the beautiful places to see in Kashmir is the AHARBAL WATER FALL.In fact so thrilling is the beauty of this water fall that one tries to go near and near to it and keep watching it for hours together . The water fall of 24.4 metres is created by river VESHAV( VISHNU PAAD ) as it moves further down from KUNGWATTAN area to join river JHELUM or VITASTA at SANGAM (just near BIJBIHARA Bridge) . The source of River VESHAV is KOUNSER NAAG Lake . As a matter of fact there are two water falls . Another fall just fifty metres below the main fall is about 7 metres in height . The roar of this fall with mist created by water vapours looks horribly beautiful.The fall provides a potential to generate about 100 Megawatts of Hydroelectric power for this Power starved state .The water fall is about 76 kms from Srinagar city if we take a shorter route via P and Shopian . The other route is through Khannabal and Kulgam . This route is a little longer roughly 95 kms from Srinagar city . From Shopian town the actual Fall site is about 16 Kms. One has to go down just 100 well laid out steps, duly fenced to reach the fall from the car parking area of Aharbal.Entire area is being developed by Aharbal Development Authority. Restaurants , Huts for night staying , Tea stalls , and view spots are fast coming up. The area is mostly inhabited by Gujjars and Pahari speaking people though some kashmiris also live in and around AHARBAL.Just 3 kms from SHOPIAN Town near village CHOWGAM, a road branches to BAFLIAZ ( POONCH ) . The road is known as Mughal Road.

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