Natrang stages Hindi comedy ‘Kavita Ka Chakkar’ -
Natrang stages Hindi comedy ‘Kavita Ka Chakkar’
Posted 08 May 2017 01:03 PM


Natrang staged ‘Kavita Ka Chakkar’ a super comedy play here today in its weekly theatre series ‘Sunday Theatre’ under the direction of Neeraj Kant.
Today’s play ‘Kavita Ka Chakkar’ a harsh reality of the times told through comic situations has been written by Devraj Dinesh. In the play tragedy of a poet has been depicted in such a comic manner that it prompts the spectators to laugh on his tragic fate. ‘ChampaLal’- a businessman is obsessed with the art of poetry writing. All-time he confronts with adverse environment and things become sickening for him when he hardly finds a moment to complete his poem. The passion for the poetry reaches to such a level that he leaves his business establishment and locks himself in a room to have a suitable environment for the creation of a creative mood. This act surprises his wife who never saw him leaving his business till late hours of night. She smells some foul play and start cursing on him. By the time he is able to convince his wife, a friend makes an unwanted entry and further distracts his creative mood and focus on poetry. He struggles a lot to convince everyone to understand the agony of a creative mind and the process of its churning. How much effort, time and energy goes in the creation of a poem unfortunately no one around him is able to appreciate and realize. Finally when it becomes extremely difficult for him write, he starts hitting his head and says that this world is not meant for creative people.
The artists who participated in the play included Brijesh Avtar Sharma as ‘ChampaLal’, Aman Kapoor as ‘Chameli’, Mihir Gujral as ‘Kalicharan’ and Akshit Kaul as ‘Bhanu Chand Vairagi’. The Lights were operated by Neeraj Kant and the music was scored by Bhisham Gupta. The show was coordinated by Mohd Yaseen.

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