Posted 14 Jul 2017 03:25 PM

After the Amarnath Yatra mishap that led to a lot of disruption within the state and the entire nation, finally there is something good to please all ears, the terrorists involved in the whole incidence were shot dead in an encounter that commenced on Monday morning in Jammu & Kasmir's Pulwama region. The gunbattle started when the security officials bombarded a search operation where two of the terrorist were hiding.
Kashmir Police personnel even mentioned that the main terrorist responsible for lynching the DySP, Mohd Ayub Pandith, was also among the terrorist which were killed in the encounter.
The Police officials said that the security forces launched a barrier line alongwith a search operation within the Redbug area of Budgam, after they recieved information about the hidden terrorist.
They even stated that the millitants started shooting at them which eventually turned into an encounter. The terrorists which were killed were Javaid Ahmad Shiekh of Beerwah, Sajid Ahmad and Aaqib Gul of Gooripora
Our Police has taken full-fledged responsibility to protect the pilgrims who come with a faith of completing their pligrimage without any fear. Slaughtering of innocent people doesn't mean that these evil bodies can hinder the souls as well as their passion and exuberance of reaching their goal.
These kind of people are not only bad for the society but even themselves, surviving in such situations where you have to hide from everyone is not life. Killing innocent people can sometime backfire and even lead to killing of their own nears and dears one. The main reason of all these happenings is the feeling of taking revenge, where these militants are taking revenge by the Indian Govt, by murdering the innocent people.

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