Posted 14 Jul 2017 04:04 PM

On 10th July’17 a whole bus of Shri Amarnath pilgrims from Gujarat where smacked by a group of terrorists, who tried to threaten the pilgrims, but somehow the mighty Bus driver managed to rescue himself along with the fellow pilgrims from this petrified attack.
In this whole incident seven people were shot dead, including 5 women, and other 7 were brutally injured. The bus was coming back after completing Amarnath Yatra successfully; according to the defense personnel the Bus driver has breached the mandate of entering the highway after 7 pm.
As per the security norms all the registered vehicles are accompanied by the convoy and they are not allowed to come on the highway after 7 pm. Whereas this particular bus came on the highway that too without any registration.
It is said that the security is withdrawn on the highway after 7 pm, and this bus was left behind due to some puncture issues, but this is a lame excuse on the part of the defense forces as why there is no protection on the highway after 7pm. Is the National highway used by the terrorist after 7 pm? This is a huge omission in the security’s terminology.
All this led to a complete shutdown in the Jammu area of J&K which was called off by Panther’s party; all the internet services were suspended in the entire State. Security was increased along the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway in Jammu sector
The big question is how this vehicle managed to come on the highway without any proper security. Was this a mistake on the part of the police or was it a planned propaganda, Govt should investigate on this matter and put the culprit behind the bars in order to safeguard the lives of innocent people.

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