Posted 25 Jul 2017 11:33 AM

With the increasing demand of Smartphone, today’s generation is going gaga over the selfie culture, which includes photographing themselves on a daily basis and posting their pictures on social media in order to get updated. In the earlier years, people use to take a picture to create beautiful memories. People use to get their pictures clicked once in a while whereas now every individual has a Smartphone and he/she is taking using it with full-throttle. There is no individual who has escaped from this infectious culture. Taking a self picture is not harmful until done at extreme levels.
The world has experienced various mishaps due to Selfie. Few statistics of the deaths that occurred due to individual taking extreme shots lost their valuable lives are as under:
• A 20-year-old fell to his death while taking a selfie from the top of the Reasi Fort in J&K
• A 16-year-old boy was killed by a passenger train while taking a selfie with an approaching train in Chennai, the boy walked in front of the train and waited for it to come closer to taking the photo.
• A 21-year-old engineering student died when he was hit by a speeding train while trying to click a selfie on 1 January 2017, in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
• Two youths 21 and 22 years old from Hooghly district, India, drowned in a fish pond while taking a selfie on May 24, as they did not know how to swim. They were taking selfies in waist-deep water but suddenly, the duo slipped from the bank and went underwater. The locals first failed to find their bodies. Later, divers from Kolkata recovered both the bodies from the pond.
• At Alwal Railway station near Secunderabad, India, a man died while another lost his hand when the duo was run over by a moving train while clicking selfies on Tuesday, May 30.
These are just a few examples but there are a countless number of incidents that took place due to Selfie fever.
The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has officially given a confirmation of the disorder relating to taking self-pictures. According to them, it is a mental disorder known as Selfitis. In 2014, World’s largest manufacturers of smartphones – Samsung, Apple and Nokia — jointly announced that they are eliminating the front-facing camera (FFC) feature in all their future products. But nothing was done as we all know.Taking a picture is not a bad deed but it should be turned into beautiful memories rather than unforgettable accidents. As “excess of everything is bad”.

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