Posted 03 Aug 2017 01:09 PM

Life without electricity is like hell for people in urban areas whereas there are still innumerable villages who are leading their life without it. But with the invent of Solar Nano-Grid Technology it has opened the gates of hope for plenty of such remote villages for border areas of Kargil in Ladakh. There are numerous villages who got electrified in the previous two years which earlier did not have any grid based electricity.
A village named Shadey situated in Lungnak block of Zanskar, which was not accessible via road. It is one of the most current members in the list of electrified villages by volunteers from Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE), who were representing 13 different countries. Shadey got electrified by GHE team on July 17. The team trekked for four days and more than 90 km to reach the village. The village is the most distant villages in Zanskar and in the entire region of Ladakh.
Shadey has a population of 90 to 100 people only with 13 households. The village was deprived of electricity till date. The villagers were making use of Solar Lighting system and kerosene oil lamps.
In winters, it remained cut-off from the outside region for almost 7 months. The village has a single satellite phone which came into existence in 2013 which is the only mode of communication with the world.In the case of exigency, the village can be accessed only by choppers.

Solar lights and lanterns were provided by the Govt a few years back. By the installation of DC Nanogrid in the area the villagers can now enjoy 12 hours of indoor and outdoor electricity which includes 110 custom designed DC LED lights and six LED lights to each house. Five power efficient LED streetlights are also been installed for the residents of Shadey. People there are now planning to buy a DC LED HDTV so that they can keep themselves updated and generate awareness about the current affairs of the world. Team GHE has even installed a DC LED HDTV for the villagers.
The DC Solar Nanogrid technology is not an expensive technology and it is risk-free as it works on 24V DC power. It is capable of running devices like USB mobile chargers, LED HDTV, LED lights, LED streetlights.
GHE in collaboration with KREDA has electrified villages like Lankerchey Brok, Itchu, Phuktal Gonpa, Bodh Kharboo Foo and Stakchey Brok villages by utilizing the same technology.

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