Natrang presents ‘Aashirwad’ in Sunday Theatre Series -
Natrang presents ‘Aashirwad’ in Sunday Theatre Series
Posted 08 Aug 2017 11:48 AM

Natrang presented a new play in Hindi ‘Aashirwad’ in its Sunday Theatre Series. The play was written by Ram Kumar Verma and was directed by Neeraj Kant. The play, in a very interesting manner presented before the audience that how people start making castles in the air.
The play ‘Aashirwad’ opens in a house where both husband and wife are shown very excited as it was the day when the result of the lottery they have bought is to be declared. They have high hopes that the lucky draw would be announced in their favor and start making plans of how they will spend the money. In their foolish expectations, they even go to the extent that they make three different plans i.e. how they would spend money if they get first, second and third prize respectively. To avoid the silly questions of colleagues, the husband takes leave from the office. The day dream of winning the lottery was so profound that both husband and wife are eagerly waiting for the news which they are expecting through speed post. In the meanwhile, a letter is also received, but to their dismay, it was from someone else. Eventually after too many ups and downs, the exact letter from the lottery agency is received which states that because of national calamities, the agency has decided to divert all the ticket money to help those who are in need and thus no prize would be given this month and moreover the persons who have spent the money on lottery tickets would not receive and money but they would get million blessings. This is how their dream was broken and the whole process ridicules the people who find a comfortable shelter in their imagination which is far from reality.
Natrang actors who participated in the play included Shivam Singh, Vrinda Sharma and Sandeep Kumar. The lights of the play were executed by Neeraj Kant whereas Ashish Parihar rendered the music of the play. The show was coordinated by Mohd Yaseen and the presentations were done by Ananya Verma.

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