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Kolahoi Glacier Pahalgham
Posted 06 Dec 2016 04:04 PM

Kolahoi Peak is a mountain with a peak elevation of 17,799 ft (5,425 metres), in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir, in the vicinity of Sonamarg. Kolahoi Peak is part of the Himalaya Range, and is located between 15 km south of Sonamarg and 21 km north from Arin Pahalgam. To its north flows the Sind River and the glacier of its name Kolahoi Glacier is the source of Lidder River. in the vicinity of Kashmir valley.
Kolahoi Peak rises from the Kolahoi Glacier is a pyramid-shaped peak with ice falls and ice fields at its bottom.

Located just beneath the Kolahoi Mountain and above the Lidder Valley, Kolahoi Glacier is a hanging five kilometres long glacier.
Usually trekking up to the Kolahoi Glacier is a 4-day activity which provides the trekkers ample amount of scenic beauty and freshness to stay interested. The path is covered with lush green mountain vegetation and green meadows. Roaring river Lidder, thick and dense conifer forests with ice-cold garrulous brooks are all there to make the trek to the glacier all the more memorable. Kolahoi is at 18, 800 feet and is visible from afar and it is said that to view it best, one should be either on the ridge opposite it or on Dodsar while pushing away river Lidder.
Despite withstanding various climatic conditions, that glacier still holds a beautiful majesty amongst the mountain ranges, which lures thousands of trekkers each year!

Known as ‘Gwash Brani’ meaning ‘Goddess of Light’, the Kolahoi Glacier in Pahalgam is considered to be the only perennial source of water for millions of Indian and Pakistani people!

Best time to visit
Summers are said to be a good season to visit these glaciers as during winters and rainy seasons, the land is almost inaccessible.

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