Dogri Sanstha, Team Jammu serve ultimatum against imposing Kashmiri -
Dogri Sanstha, Team Jammu serve ultimatum against imposing Kashmiri
Posted 10 Aug 2017 03:03 PM

State administration of trying to hoodwink people of Jammu by issuing controversial orders contradictory to its claims of promoting all languages in J&K, Dogri Sanstha Jammu and Team Jammu today served an ultimatum of one week to the Higher Education Department to come clear on the issue of imposing the Kashmiri language in colleges across Jammu region.
“If the Government does not come clear on the controversial circulars and orders issued by the Commissioner Secretary School Education, which create doubts on intentions of the administration, we will be left with no option other than to take to streets,” said Prof Lalit Magotra of Dogri Sanstha Jammu and Team Jammu chairman Zorawar Singh Jamwal, while addressing a joint press conference.
Prof Lalit Magotra produced documentary evidence establishing contradictions between assertions and actions of the State Government with regard to the imposition of Kashmiri language in Jammu colleges. As per the circulars/letters, issued by the Department of Higher Education dated 5 June, 2017 No.: HE/Lang/J&K 2017/1163-77, dated 22 June, 2017 No.: D.O. No. HE/Lang/J&K/2017/142-8, and dated 27 July 2017 No: HE/Lang/J&K/2017/1163-77, copies of which were also distributed to media persons on the occasion, the Vice-Chancellors of all Universities of Jammu region have been asked to promote Kashmiri language and literature and recruit faculty for the same in the Universities and Colleges under their jurisdiction.
“Contrary to the Government’s claim that Government is committed to work equally for promotion of all languages of the State, there is no mention for promotion of Dogri, Punjabi, Gojri or any other language in these circulars,” he pointed out.
Further, Prof Magotra added, vide an order on 4th July 2017, the Department of Higher Education converted 49 posts of Assistant Professors for Kashmiri language and after Jammu people protested, an equal number of posts were reserved for Dogri and 25 for Punjabi but not converted like in the case of Kashmiri.
“The Govt owes an explanation, as to what was the logic and motive behind issuance of such discriminatory directives to the Universities of Jammu region? Why was no such circular issued for promotion of Dogri, Punjabi, Pahari, Gojri and Buddhist etc. to any of the Universities? What to talk of valley based colleges, but not even in Jammu educational institutions. This clearly exposes the sinister design of the present Government to impose Kashmiri in Jammu region by hook or by crook”, Prof Magotra said.
Reiterating that the people of Jammu would not be hoodwinked any more and they were ready to make all sacrifices to protect Duggar culture, language, and identity, Zorawar Singh threatened massive protests all over the Jammu region against alleged Government move of imposing the Kashmiri language in the colleges here. He further said that a detailed programme in this regard would be announced on August 15.

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