Posted 11 Aug 2017 04:53 PM

Life is a God’s beautiful gift given to mankind. But due to physical and mental illness and stress sometimes people fail to handle the prevailing situation and find the easiest way out to end their lives. A man should be strong enough to face the scenario rather than running away.
Almost 800000 people commit suicide every year all over the world, among which 17% belongs to India. India is a country covering world’s 17.5% of the population. The suicide rate has been accelerated from 7.9% to 10.3% per 100,000 with suicides mostly from an eastern and southern region of India. Tamil Nadu has a rate of interest of 12.5%, Maharastra (11.9%) and West Bengal (11.0%) had the majority of suicides.
Major causes of suicidal deaths are the chronic illness, disputes due to dowry, drug addiction, failing in examination, family issues, failed love relationships, poverty, unemployment, deaths of loved ones, losing social status, Bankruptcy.
The suicides which were hyped in media include the one of a 24 years old management student who jumped out off from the 19th floor of a hotel in Mumbai. Reports say that he took this step due to failure in exams and drug addiction.
The latest is that of a 29-year-old IAS officer who committed suicide by coming under a train in Ghaziabad, only after a week of taking charge as a DM of Bihar’s Buxar district. The achieved 14th position in 2012 UPSC exam. He even left a suicide note stating that he has committed suicide at his own will. He checked in a five star Leela Palace Hotel in Delhi during the day.
In 2015, plenty of students committed suicides and the toll stood at 8,934, till date 39,775 students took their lives due to failure and various other reasons. India has been rated among the highest rate of suicides in the world according to the Lancet report 2012. Sikkim has been rated as one of the highest states for suicides.
In order to prevent these mishappenings Govt should organize mental awareness camps in schools, colleges, and even offices. Proper counseling and psychiatric treatment should be deployed to people in depression.

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