Prehistoric transit camp site reported to be 10,600 years old near Saser La in Nubra valley -
Prehistoric transit camp site reported to be 10,600 years old near Saser La in Nubra valley
Posted 07 Dec 2016 04:47 PM


An ancient transit camping site described to be over 10,600 years old and used by prehistoric man was discovered by the archaeological exploratory expedition at a base of Saser La nearly 15,000 feet above the sea level, in Nubra valley of Ladakh region, informed sources said.

The said camping site was found during a search study last year near Saser La, a base camp of Karakoram pass, where these primitive trapper collectors would stay temporarily before moving to the next place. Sadly, not much exploratory attention was earlier devoted to the region by the concerned authorities.

High altitude, arctic weather conditions and strenuous terrain had made it almost impracticable previously to carry out any archaeological exploration in the Now diligent efforts are being made by the concerned department to uncover similar prehistoric sites in the region.

“Samples collected from the said site contained pieces of charcoal and other items from the floor of a bonfire place besides some bones correlated with it, were sent for dating to Beta Analytic in USA,” the sources added.

Surprisingly, the US analytic agency confirmed that the site pertained to Circa 8,500 BCE period (approximately 10,600 years before the present), a primordial camping site found on a flat area of the barren land, bereft of any greenery, with loose rocks surrounded by snow covered lofty peaks, nearly 170 km northeast of Leh, the district headquarter.

“The site was a seasonal and not a permanent encampment area,” knowledgeable sources told Scoop News. They further said such ancientness of a transit camp based on scientific analysis is first of its kind in entire Ladakh region.

Some remnants of ancient sites belonging to sixth and seventh century CE were made

known through various publications in Ladakh and beyond.

The region thronged by thousands of both foreign and domestic tourists, is acclaimed for being dotted with towering Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, passes, valleys centuries old impressive glaciers and the monasteries perched on the hills..

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