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Rajasthan to brew a different cup of tea from olive leaves
Posted 24 Aug 2017 12:26 PM


The desert state of Rajasthan will soon give the country an alternative to green tea — brewed from olive leaves. State Agriculture Minister Prabhu Lal Saini said the brand — named Olivia, The Olive Tea — will be launched “very soon” by Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. “The process has been completed and we will launch it as soon as we get time from the chief minister.
It will be the first time in the country and the world that a green tea alternative will be produced out of olive leaves,” he told PTI on the sidelines of an event in the city.
Rajasthan started cultivating olives in 2007 in collaboration with Israel and now the state cultivates them on 5,000 hectares, the minister said. “And we have made a lot of progress since then. An olive refinery is operational in the state at Bikaner, also the country’s first.
We have also begun production of olive honey,” he said. Asked how the state got the idea of producing “Olive green tea”, Saini said, “I am a Ph.D. in Agriculture myself, and I knew olive leaves have several health benefits. So I decided to get some study and lab testing done about it.” He showed several papers with findings of the lab studies. A lab test, conducted in July, confirmed the presence of several antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and other such substances in the olive leaves. One of the substances found was Luteolin.
“Experiments with Luteolin show that it suppresses bacteria-induced inflammation. Luteolin is an oxygen scavenger,” reads the report. He said the lab tests confirmed the presence of “such strong anti-oxidant” in olive leaves that they can help prevent several types of cancer — blood cancer, prostate cancer, and ovaries cancer. After the studies and lab tests confirmed these properties of the olive leaves, the decision to process them was taken, he said.
“It will medically benefit those who suffer from mental stress, cardiac disease. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well,” he said. The Olivia, The Olive Tea, the packet also claims it has zero caffeine, builds immunity, fights fatigue and has anti-aging properties. Saini said the “olive green tea” will come in multiple flavors which are in vogue these days like exotic, lemon and mint.
“We are trying to diversify and produces other flavors like ginger, Tulsi etc,” he said. “We have received proposals from various countries including the UK, the USA and from the Gulf, that they want to sign MoUs in this regard,” he said. The agriculture minister said that 66 per cent of “our state has arid or semi-arid climatic conditions. But we are among the leaders in the country as far as agricultural innovation is concerned thanks to the chief minister, scientists, officials and the people”.

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