List of All Yojanas/Schemes/Sarkari launched by Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi Government -
List of All Yojanas/Schemes/Sarkari launched by Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi Government
Posted 04 Nov 2016 04:17 PM


1. Digital India

Digital India Program was launched in August 2014 to change the
face of India digitally and electronically. This would in turn
pave way for a digitally empowered nation and economy. As per
this campaign, all offices and departments of Government of
India would be digitally connected to each other and to the
target population, thereby making the government mechanism
smoother and malpractices-free. This would also ensure
effective governance in the country. Digital India Program
would reduce paperwork to a significant level. The program
which started in 2014 would complete by 2019.

2. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

On his first speech of Independence Day in year 2014, Prime
Minister Narendra Modi announced the famous Pradhan Mantri Jan
Dhan Yojana, which ensures a bank account for every Indian. In
this mass drive, more than 15 million saving accounts were
opened across the length and breadth of the country with almost
all public sector banks participating in it. It was the first
ever financial inclusion program launched in the country and
has seen success so far. More than Rs 1,500 has been deposited
in banks so far by the account holders.

3. Swachh Bharat

This type of campaign was not really new to India, however the
name and intent may be new. Previous governments have already
worked on similar campaigns like Nirmal Bharat Program.
However, nothing has been achieved significantly so far and
thus the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan comes with a new hope to clean
the country’s mess.

The campaign was launched in 2014 with almost every big and
small personality of the country taking to the streets and
taking part in it. In fact, the cleanliness drive has more to
do with self publicity, whether it is the Prime Minister
himself, or other ministers, or film stars or the general

All have taken pictures of cleaning their locality and posted
it on their social media account to ensure that people see that
they are involved with a noble cause. The evaluation of the
campaign has to be seen in a longer run.

4. Make in India

This was more of a slogan than a campaign coined by the Prime
Minister Narendra Modi to ensure self sufficiency in the field
of mass production. The vision has been to attract global
investors to invest in domestic market and thus create India a
manufacturing hub for the entire world.

Make in India would also ensure that there are sufficient job
opportunities for the national youth who are struggling to get
a decent job in order to compete with their international
counterparts. The Make in India campaign is being run and
administered by the Central Government and the government has
identified a total of 25 different sectors on which it would

5. Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana

Inclusive governance is one of the core visions of Shri
Narendra Modi. As per Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, each MP
would take out some part of their funds for the development of
their constituencies. Physical and institutional
infrastructures are some of the way through which the villages
of the country can reach up to their empowerment, as a whole.

The Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana ensures the same. The campaign
which started in year 2014 is said to be successfully
concluding by year 2019. The guidelines for rural development
under the scheme have already been issued by the honorable
prime minister in October 2014.

6. Atal Pension Yojana

Low cost benefits have been the core guiding principles of the
Narendra Modi lead Central Government in almost all the schemes
they are launching. Atal Pension Yojana too is one such
scheme, which ensures old age pension to those who are not
covered under any other pension or social security scheme.

This way, those people who have been working in unorganized
sectors and enjoying no pension scheme would be covered and can
ensure a healthy and comfortable old age.

7. Awas Yojana (PMAY)

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is primarily a welfare housing
scheme launched by the central government under the leadership
of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With PMAY, the intention is
to provide housing to all by year 2022. In order to make the
scheme a success and reality, a total of around 2 crore houses
would be constructed across the length and breadth of the
country by year 2022.

The houses would be distributed to the needy sections of
society and a subsidy on loan would be provided by the central
government, thereby making housing an affordable thing for the
economically weaker people of the country. Special preference
would be given to senior citizens, women and SC/ST in allotment
of these houses.

8. Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY)

The PMJJBY is a term life insurance policy that goes a long way
in ensuring a safe financial future for the policy holder and
comes with lowest cost on a yearly basis.

Anyone who is within the age group of 18 years to 50 years can
get enrolled for PMJJBY, provided they have a functional saving
bank account. Within the scheme, the policy holder would have
to pay as a premium is Rs 330 per year and they would be
covered with a life insurance of Rs 2 lakhs.

9. Suraksha Bima Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana targets social security
through insuring accidental deaths and partial or permanent
disabilities. A large number of population in India live in
rural areas and these people do not have access to insurance
schemes. PMSBY is an initiative to cater to such a population
so that they can enjoy the insurance benefits at minimum

In order to get PMSBY scheme for anyone in India, the
subscriber is required to just pay Rs 12 per year and enjoy a
carefree insured life of up to Rs 2 lakhs insurance cover. One
of the best things about these social security schemes is that
they require an insignificant level of paperwork and this
leverage has been provided considering the fact that a large
number of people living in rural areas do not have all the
validation documents available with them.

10. Krishi Sinchai Yojana

India is primarily an agricultural country and irrigation
defines the success of agriculture. This is why it is
important for any agricultural economy to have a proper
irrigation channel throughout the country. Prime Minister Modi
has identified this need and thus started this new scheme.

As per the scheme details, just 45 per cent of the farm lands
in India are accessible to the irrigation channels with
remaining 55 per cent depending on traditional methods of
irrigation. This is a huge opportunity and the Pradhan Mantri
Krishi Sinchai Yojana would ensure that adequate
infrastructural arrangements are made so that maximum fields in
the country are connected to the irrigation system properly.

11. Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana would facilitate necessary
arrangements so that the younger lot of workforce in India is
provided with world class training as far as technical
expertise is concerned. The skills training would be in line
with latest technologies coupled with personality development
and management skills that would ensure that our youth compete
well with their international counterparts.

12. MUDRA Bank Yojana

This is yet another aggressive scheme launched by the Narendra
Modi government. MUDRA stands for Micro Units Development and
Refinance Agency Ltd., which was initiated to bring into the
general public into the normal banking system. Facilities and
benefits like credits, loans, and insurance are not reachable
to many in India, especially to those living in rural and far
flung areas.

MUDRA bank is not exactly a bank but a banking regulator which
would regulate the micro finance to the rural and needy

13. Garib Kalyan Yojana

Under this scheme, the government would run several micro
campaigns to ensure that that the welfare needs of the poor
population are met and taken care of. It would conduct
workshops to meet its agendas.

14. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana is one of the most promising and
relevant schemes launched by the Narendra Modi Government. SSY
lays special emphasis on financial empowerment of the girl
child. Through this scheme, the parents of any girl child
below 10 years can open a saving account for their daughters
and operate it till they attain an age of 21 years.

After that time, they can withdraw the money and use it for her
marriage or higher education. The scheme offers a high rate of
return, even much higher than PPF and the depositor gets
complete tax exemption for whatever amount invested under 80C
of income tax. Ever since the scheme has been launched, lakhs
or parents have already got an account opened for their
daughters and enjoying the benefits. Read more about this

15. DigiLocker Scheme

Just like you have a locker to secure your valuable belongings,
Digilocker is a facility through which you can secure and keep
your valuable documents secure. Now, when everything has
turned out to be digital, online documents are required in
order to submit forms and other activities.

Digilocker is a space provided by Government of India where you
can upload all your important documents in digital format and
use them whenever you have to furnish it anywhere to government
authorities. This drive has paved way for paperless
environment and would also curtain the possibilities of
corruption to the significant level.

16. Ebasta Scheme

eBasta Scheme is very much similar to the concept of
DigiLockers. eBasta provides an online learning space for the
students in the form of digital books. With this service,
students would no more have to go and buy their books from the
book shops and neither would publishers need to worry about
pirated versions or supply channel flaws.

The content and curriculum of the students can be decided by
the school and its teachers and students will have to just
login and download their study material, which they can use for
learning at their computers and tablets. This kind of
initiative would initiate the era of interactive learning in

Last but not the least, there are many more social welfare and
system improvement schemes launched by Modi Government like

• LPG Subsidy Pahal Scheme

• Modi’s Sagar Mala

• Smart City Yojana

• School Nursery Yojana

• Nayi Manzil Yojana

• Gold Monetization Scheme

• Stand Up India Loan Scheme

• One Rank One Pension OROP

• 7th Pay Commission

Above all, it is really important for these entire schemes to
be implemented and run well in order to get to the vision
through which these schemes have been launched. Only when we
could see the success coming out of these campaigns and
initiatives would be the time when we can say that we have seen
a positive change in the governance.

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