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Jammu Police holds meet with shopkeepers of Janipur
Posted 01 Sep 2017 12:45 PM

A meeting of the shopkeepers and prominent persons of Janipur was held by SDPO City West Jammu Pranav Mahajan alongwith SHO PS Janipur Inspector Varinder Gupta.

The meeting was aimed to strengthen the police public relations particularly in the light of the upcoming festive season. Various shopkeepers and other prominent persons expressed their views and suggestions related to different aspects.

They applauded the role of the police. They brought into the notice of SDPO West various issues they are facing like traffic problem, menace of over speeding Matadors and increasing tendency of youth towards crime etc.

The participants were advised to install CCTV cameras and fire extinguishers, so as to avoid any towards incident. The role of watchman in this context was also highlighted to which the participants responded positively. They were asked to perform their role and duties towards traffic management by ensuring that their customers are not resorting to unauthorised and haphazard parking.

In the light of the forthcoming festive season, the SDPO West urged the participants to follow the rules and laws religiously. They were asked not to use the footpath to showcase their products, do not sell expired and overdate products and do not overcharge.
Emphasizing in inseparable and interdependent role of the police and public, SDPO West urged them to act as eyes and ears of the police by sharing the information correctly and at real time. SDPO west also provided the helpline number on which people can approach in case of any grievances. The participants assured they will abide by the rules and will extend all the cooperation to the SHO PS Janipur.

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