Natrang presents Dogri play Hassa Manassa -
Natrang presents Dogri play Hassa Manassa
Posted 04 Sep 2017 05:33 PM

A very gripping performance of Dogri Play Hassa Manassa written by Rajneesh Kumar Gupta and directed by Neeraj Kant was presented here on Sunday at Natrang Studio Theatre in its Sunday Theatre Series. The instinctive wit and colloquial humour of the script was carefully treated by the actors and director alike, which resulted in an engrossing theatre experience for the audience. Director Natrang, Padmashree Balwant Thakur expressed his happiness over staging the play Hassa Manassa, he informed that though Natrang features the plays of different genres, languages and writers, but our team is always very enthusiastic when it comes to staging plays in Dogri that too by local playwrights. In the play Hassa Manassa, Geshu a young lad is shown very happy as he is getting married very soon. All the preparations have been done, but suddenly his old father expires. In the situation of this distress, the elders of the family decide to postpone the marriage, which was unacceptable to Geshu and his mother, Pabbo as if this occasion is missed, as per rituals, the next date of marriage will come after many months, which appears to be quite a long period for them. Many flaws and follies of our social system were expressed in a thick coat of humour, which was subtle yet precise. The final battle of cleverness was between Gheshu's mother and uncle, whose ideologies were poles apart and both have their own self-interested enveloped in their reasons of letting this marriage happen on the decided date or not. At the end, when their self interests are taken care of, as per the convenience of all the parties and it is agreed that the marriage will take place as decided, another news comes which spoils the show, and this time the news was the demise of the grandmother of the bride which would not let this marriage happen on the fixed date. Natrang actors who performed in the play included Brijesh Avtar Sharma, Deewankshi Sabikhi, Meenakshi Bhagat, Vrinda Sharma, Shivam Singh and Gautam Kumar. Lights were designed and executed Neeraj Kant whereas music was scored by Bhisham Gupta. The presentations were done by Deepali Sharma and the show was coordinated by Mohammad Yaseen.

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