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'Squiggle brows’, the latest eyebrow trend to take Instagram by storm is outright insane
Posted 04 Sep 2017 05:48 PM


With dragon brows, feather brows, barbed wire brows, and bleached brows shimmying their way into our Instagram feeds, 2017 can now be officially called ‘the year of the weird eyebrow trends’. In all fairness, we think beauty bloggers, vloggers, and the likes should stop for a second and think what they are doing because some of these trends are downright hilarious. And just when we were beginning to think that they have ruled out the crazy part, quickly popped out the squiggle brows or the wiggle brows – call it whatever you might, because it doesn’t change how ridiculous it looks.
Beauty blogger Promise Tamang has been credited as the force behind the weird trend on Instagram. According to Huffington Post, she was inspired after she saw a photo that had been edited to make an eyebrow look wavy. “I am always experimenting and trying different makeup looks on my social pages. It was done for fun to show my followers something new.”
The head-scratching trend involves drawing wiggly lines across the brow and then covering up the outlines with concealer and powder. Now, it might be really cool for cosplay or Halloween, but it’s definitely not for regular use. The scary part is if you draw a thick one it would look like a caterpillar or even worse, an earthworm crawling across your forehead.
This bizarre trend has got mixed reactions on social media.
While one user stated, “Feather brow trend and now wiggle brow LMAO STOP.” Another user appreciated her effort saying, “Squiggle Eyebrows Are Becoming A Thing And I’m All About It!!!!! Yesss.”

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