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Harsh: State Govt must respond to protesting lecturers.
Posted 05 Sep 2017 04:44 PM

Coming down heavily on the State Government for perpetuating discrimination against the educated youth of Jammu while divesting them of their due share in employment besides adopting the policy of ‘use and throw’ against them, NPP leader and former minister Harsh Dev Singh exhorted the BJP-PDP Govt to immediately respond to the genuine call of the protesting plus two contractual lecturers who had been observing chain hunger strike for last more than 200 days.
Expressing solidarity with the plus two contractual lecturers sitting on chain hunger strike, Singh said that the teaching fraternity had been rendering their services with zeal and honesty in schools on paltry salary of Rs 7000 per month with a hope that they would be regularized to earn with dignity and honour. He regretted that many of them who had given several valuable years of their life to the Education Department were ruthlessly terminated by the Government after taking their services for more than a decade.
Singh said that earlier instances where the highly educated youth of Jammu including PhD’s, MPhils and double Post Graduates had consigned their degrees to flames considering them as in fructuous had exposed the Government and Saffron brigade in particular that they were power hungry who had mortgaged the aspirations of youth for their petty political interests. Perturbed by the deteriorating condition of several lecturers while on prolonged protests and hunger strikes, he cautioned the State Government and the BJP leaders in particular to immediately respond to the calls of the teaching community rather than closing their doors on them.
Harsh Dev sought a policy of regularization for all such highly qualified lecturers who had always been the assets to the otherwise sick educational system in the State and pledged that harassment of the underemployed youth shall be fought vigorously by the Panthers Party along with the aggrieved young fraternity until rights and justice were delivered to them.

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